Beestonia, the Manifesto.

Lets kick off from a piece from LeftLion, the best bit of media to hit Nottingham’s streets since the proclamation that Robin Hood was a hero and now a scummy thief…


2 thoughts on “Beestonia, the Manifesto.

  1. stevebarber says:

    In my opinion there are three big issues to hit Beeston over the next year or two:

    *The Tram – now has approval

    *Tesco – they are trying to work out how to build a bigger one without causing gridlock

    *The Square – due to be completely rebuilt around a modern tramway.

    All told over £1/2Bn of investment

    What are your views?

    • beestonia says:

      Ta Steve, these are indeed important issues, soon Beeston could be looking totally different, which will really annoy the people off Google Earth. The redevelopment of the Square is particularly interesting, as the incumbent is quite a terrible example of Seventies architechture…down to the font on the sign ‘THE SQUARE’.

      Comments please on these subjects that will have ban impact on EVERY Beestonian

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