Hello, Beestonians and Beestoniphiles.

Hello, and do welcome to the only dedicated site to the centre of the Modern World, Beestonia, part of Nottinghamshire, and the as-yet unknown centre and melting pot of all that is staggering in Noughties Britain.

I’m new to this blogging stuff, and realise i’m a few years late, so bear with me while I try and potter my way through this.

One thought on “Hello, Beestonians and Beestoniphiles.

  1. hippo says:

    i must appluade your efforts, its about time someone started raving about the greatness of beeston. I’ve lived here all my life (short as its been) and wouldnt move for anything. From the brisk quiet wednesday morings in the square to the action pack, fun filled fair of the christmas lights in days gone by beestons a winner in every category

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