*placeholder due to extreme laziness*

After a technical error with my laptop- whereby it froze one too many times and inspired a shot of ire/ experimentation that caused me to see if throwing across the room would make it run any faster ( it doesn’t, and the resulting mangle of circuit boards and bleepy things was impossible to type on), I have been forced into a imposed silence of Trappist proportions.

But worry not, Im back, with a new flash laptop and a head full of ideas. I will be shortly investing in an elixir  of Writer’s Catalyst (a nice bottle of red) and getting them committed to these pages, so stand by Beestonians. Forthcoming treats include a review of the very splendid Stapleford Carnival (complete with some duff photography that will nevertheless render anyone over twenty-five sobbing with nostalgia, and a very special bit of reportage on a subversive art-form that has been springing up in Beestonia….

If you are far too busy to check this page daily for updates, shame on you, but I best tell you that I will do the work for you and email you when I have a new article up…get on facebook, search for ‘BEESTONIA’ and you’ll see a very bad picture of me stalking the neighbours …click and join the group, and I will furnish your inbox with semi-coherent ramblings on regular occasions.

I’m off now to  start a queue for the reopening of Sainsburys in a couple of weeks. The first twenty customers in get a free mug and a spittle-spattered letter from Jamie Oliver written entirely in Mockney. Tarah!