Paranoid Right Wingers Accuse Beestonia(and the BNP weighs in too)

Cripes, onslaught. I invited Mick Shore to join the debate, as much as I find his views insidious, Im a firm believer on free speech. He took my offer up with gusto, and seems offended that I called him a ‘twat’ without meeting him. Great, first a Tory accuses me of sexism and now a Fascist calls me prejudiced.

Its just holocaust/climate change-denying, advocates of forced mass deportation of immigrants and thinly veiled hatred does tend to mark one out as a twat. If I met him I very well might find good qualities, but he would still be a twat with some good qualities. I’m just so intolerant these days.

The comments are all attached to previously written articles, but I’ll be compiling them in an article soon if you can’t be arsed scraping round my archive. Still, I do thank Mick for getting involved, which is more than I can say about another candidate.

Anne Soubry’s campaign have been so keen to not contribute to Beestonia they keep sending me emails to tell me why.

This gem came through today, and is  from Neil  Davidson, her campaign manager, printed unedited, except for a couple o fnotes I have added in bold  type:

Hi Matt

Thanks for the information (he asked for stats on Beestonia, I supplied). I’m involved with a cricket website which attracts about 500,000 hits a week, knowing our unique user stats, I reckon your 1,100(what was the initial weekly hit rate of Beestonia, this has trebled as the campaign has gathered momentum) will represent no more than 100-200 unique users .There are approximately 70,000 potential voters in the constituency; if you were our candidate, how much time would you spend responding to your website? With such low numbers and given that very few of your users are likely to vote Tory, what would be the point?Even traditional hustings have very limited value these days as demonstrated the other night in Beeston; in a room of about 100 people populated mainly by activists, there were only 10 who had not already decided who to vote for.

In a spread out constituency like Broxtowe, there is no substitute for talking directly to voters, which is the main thrust of our campaign. In the last few weeks, Anna and her team have knocked on over 15,000 doors, which I guess is far more than any other candidate. In assessing how our campaign is going, I am happy to rely on our canvass returns and private polls, which paint a very different picture to the views expressed on your site.

With regard to emails, Anna, like all other candidates, has not had the resources available to a sitting MP. Nick Palmer, for instance has employed 7 people, at a legimate cost to the tax payer of over £100,000 a year, to respond to constituents. There is clearly a concerted (!!!!)campaign at the moment to bombard Anna with emails, the likely twin objective is to take up much of her time if she is to respond to them all or to criticise her if she doesn’t (see the Beeston Express for details). Quite rightly she sees ‘door knocking’ as her number one priority.You must be having a lot fun with your site at the moment; enjoy the rest of campaign!Regards,


Blimey, make what you will of that. I initially wasn’t go to respond,  but sod it, here goes:

So Beestonia is not read by potential Tories? Ah ok, I have no clue who my readership, but the few I have met come from a wide spectrum of political belief, and most are also undecided on issue and representation. One quality Nick Palmer has that is admired by the electorate from left to right, is his dedication to engaging with his constituents.

As previously mentioned, way before I turned Beestonia over to the election, I heard of people disappointed with the lack of response they were getting from Soubry after many years of Palmer’s instantaneous responses. How will she respond after the election, if she does assume power?

How come she has been so fast to reply to me, yet emails flagged up as from ‘POTENTIAL TORY VOTER’ have been left unanswered since April 7th? The accusation that there is ‘Clearly a campaign at the moment to bombard Anna with emails‘ is a seriously allegation and one either rooted in paranoia or gross stupidity.  Is there evidence for this? Can I see it please? Or are the people of Beeston /Broxtowe so used to being represented they are keen to draw more out of Soubry to determine where their vote will go? What do we know about her? Shes an old-fashioned Ken Clarke-esque tory who nevertheless likes the manifesto of Davey Cameron, anything else? If you wish to find out, the only way to enquire, you best wait for her to come knocking at your door.

I’m going to leave it to you to comment on now, I reckon despite what Soubry says,shes secretly reads this site daily. As a friend said, baffled by her accusation that she finds me sexist  : ‘maybe she meant ‘sexy’ ‘.

20 thoughts on “Paranoid Right Wingers Accuse Beestonia(and the BNP weighs in too)

  1. Terry Tickles says:

    I have met many people who would normally vote Tory at local elections BUT….are put off voting Tory at this election because of the candidate.
    Broxtowe folk are discerning, given a better candidate Palmers chances would have been worse perhaps nil.

    Once the bubble bursts on Nick Clegg’s new found stardom, Broxtowe folk will realise the battle is between Nick & Sourpussy.

    Sorry Dave but you is a good local politician but not this time mate ( I would have preferred Ken Rigby for a candidate for the Lib dems, he is a great borough councillor but an even better County Councillor…fawn fawn)

  2. Andrew Turvey says:

    More about this “concerted campaign of emails” from Anna herself. I’ve copied below an email trail from her, which is both astonishing and illuminating at the same time! I really don’t know what to say!

    On 21 April 2010 23:22, Andrew Turvey wrote:

    > Dear Ms Soubry,
    > I am a voter living in Beeston and I understand you are a front runner to be
    > my local MP. Bearing in mind how close the result is likely to be, I would
    > be very interested in understanding your views on the key issues in this
    > campaign.
    > I understand the Democracy Club has sent you a brief survey by email asking
    > you to fill it in. By doing so, it is easier for voters to compare
    > candidates against each other and see how they differ.
    > Please could you consider taking a few minutes to fill in this survey.
    > If you need to receive the survey again please reply to this email and I
    > will get it sent again.
    > Thanks for your time,
    > Andrew Turvey

    On 25 April 2010 14:23:48, Anna Soubry wrote:

    Dear Mr Turvey
    Are you the same gentleman who appears on Labour Party literature in support of their candidate Nick Palmer? Labour have been running a campaign asking their supporters to email me with bogus requests in order to overload my inbox and use my time in replying to what appear to be genuine emails from constituents. When I have not been able to respond as quickly as I would like, Labour have used this against me. It is one of the saddest and unpleasant tactics imaginable as genuine emails are not answered for some time or get lost in the hundreds of bogus emails.
    If you are not re same Andrew Turvey then my sinceree apologes. Given the above you can see why I have become somewhat cynical and disallusioned by people who subscribe to “positive politics”.
    I hope to hear from you soon.
    Anna Soubry

    On 25 April 2010 15:11, Andrew Turvey wrote:

    Dear Anna Soubry,

    Yes I am the same person. However, my request was a genuine request and not part of any Labour campaign. Please note I am not a member of any political party. I emailed both Nick Palmer and David Watts at the same time and they have both managed to find the time to respond.

    The Democracy Club is connected to MySociety, a non-political group which runs TheyWorkForYou and other websites that promote transparency and facilitate internet-based campaigning. I’m sure if you are elected you will hear much more from them! They are growing in influence among a significant part of the electorate, particularly among internet savvy younger voters.

    I hope you are able to find time to respond.


    From: Anna Soubry
    Date: 25 April 2010 16:49
    Cc: various people, no idea who they are or why they were ccd

    Dear Mr Turvey,

    You have communicated with me on a number of occasions in recent years, however I can find no record of any email from the Democracy Club though I am aware of the organisation. You have however asked me to pledge my support for the Power2010 Campaign and sent me a list of questions asking me to answer them. i have decided not to answer any surveys in the election campaign. As a believer in democracy I am sure you will respect my view.

    In the past you were an active and apparently somewhat experienced political activist in the Lib Dem party. Given the contents of a Labour leaflet being delivered to day and your previous experience I have little doubt you are now an active participant in the Labour party campaign to re-elect Nick Palmer.

    I am sorry to say but I struggle to find any other explanation to your email communication with me other than to waste my time. And indeed it could be said by virtue of this email, you have been successful. But what I find most peculiar is how a former LibDem and Power2010 supporter you can support a Labour candidate who has been one of the most active proponents of ID cards. Or is that another principle Dr Palmer has ditched in his efforts to woo back disillusioned Labour voters thinking of voting LibDem?

    I can assure you that as your MP I will be honest to my principles whatever the political weather; I will not hire party activists and councillors but will have staff to help answer the genuine concerns of constituents.

    Your rather silly game has delayed me answering an email from a constituent who [[ personal details deleted ]] I’d be rather grateful if you could ask your political masters to grow up and help restore public confidence in the political process by not engaging in dirty tricks.

    Yours sincerely,
    Anna Soubry

    • beestonia says:

      That is truly bizarre!! Thanks for providing this for me Andrew, she comes across as ignorant and downright rude. EVERY potential voter should read this.

  3. Terry Tickles says:

    Cry baby Sourpuss

  4. Zoomy says:

    That’s just downright weird.

  5. Russell says:

    This is amazing. Soubry has completely lost the plot, hasn’t she?

    Andrew, I had a similar issue, when I came out in support of Nick Palmer as a usual Tory, I had a very sharp letter, followed up by a nasty phonecall, from the chair of the local association. Various implied threats were made, which was quite worrying at the time. The Tories are bricking it.

    I also agree that with a good candidate the Good Dr would have been toast, but I now think he is marginal favourite.

  6. Brian Rowe says:

    I’ve just received the latest glossy Tory booklet ,quote, ‘paid for by your local Conservatives – NOT BY THE TAXPAYER’. Being a bit bored and admittedly a bit puerile I found it quite easy to doctor it to read ‘Paid for by our cons – no tax’ should I send it back to Belize. The booklet’s front page boasts(!) a younger Anna working for CentraI News, wearing a multi-coloured, stripy top that has ‘Do Not Adjust Your Set’ written all over it and is begging to appear on this blog. (The words ‘caption competiton’ are mysteriously floating through my mind); there’s a shot of Anna’s ‘barmy army’ out on the streets (thank goodness there’s no 3D glasses free with the booklet) and a big piccy of ‘the lass’ herself (not decorated with wonky specs/missing teeth/beard and ‘tache/comedy eyepatch etc. because we believe in positive politics; well, I’ll wait until no-one’s looking!). Thanks for a good laugh, Anna! Ashcroft will be doing his nut if he sees this!

  7. gailsman says:

    I was expecting to see A.S in Beeston yesterday, handing out blue balloons and stickers. But no, the High Road was a Tory free zone. Maybe she fancied a lie in instead, or was being entertained at the golf club, as there is a banner there that’s big enough to ,make a dog kennel out of. Still Palmer and Watts were there, making themselves known to potential voters. I even spotted the good doctor in Smiths when the Hustings had finished. I said hello and thanked him for highlighting my blog site in his email, but ticked him off in a kind way because he hadn’t typed in the full address in properly. He apologised and went to buy a paper. The Times I think.

  8. Alan-a-dale says:

    I think what Ms Soubry and her entrourage are suffering from is fear.

    They thought they would run away with Broxtowe until Cameron showed himself for the bleating posh boy he is and Kay Cutts demonstrated just how vicious and arrogant a Tory administration could be (some people had actually forgotten how bad the hideous Thatcher years were but Mrs Cutts has conveniently reminded them).

    Paranoia has clearly now set in and they can’t tell the difference between genuine enquiries from potential voters and spam.

    They’ll be lucky to come third.

  9. Cllr Steve Barber says:

    Tonight at the Dovecote Lane Hustings Anna was not pleased when she learned of the Conservative’s lack of attendance at vital Council meetings. She said that she would check up on the accusation made by David Watts that they had not been to meetings on potential development in Green Belt and invited her two councillors to comment. They declined but I was able to confirm that Cllr Watts was correct. Her response “Well Cllr Barber would say that”

    Yes actually I would – speak the truth, is this such an alien concept to her?

  10. mike shore says:


    where have i ever in my 23 years involvement in nationalist politics, have you heard me deny the holocaust?

    you are obviously so embroiled and infatuated with the far left loony stories and the gutter tabloid media outlets, that your ability to rationalise fact from fiction has been seriously impared.

    If you wish to write anything else about myself and my party, why not simply use the pages of “searchlight ” magazine for your references.

    You, like your mainstream cohorts are unable to digest real truths and real debate, instead preferring to gloss over important issues and simply resort to silly, playground insults.

    I am glad that your opinions have not been replicated on the campaign trail, and the good people of the Broxtowe constituency seem far more open to reasoned debate, and an alternative view.

    mike shore

  11. Cllr Steve Barber says:

    David Watts says that he is managing between 50-100 emails a day. Anna doesn’t seem to put a figure on how many she is getting but to warn them what to expect if elected:

    I have worked as one of Nick’s 7 assistants for the last 5 years. I reckon to receive around 100 emails a day which has now increased to 130. This of course is far fewer than Nick’s inbox. As Anna says in her leaflet we always answer emails and correspondances promptly.

    The £100k to which Anna likes to refer pays for the seven of us, two offices all our postage and stationary, broadband connections, computing, phone bills (expect the phone to ring all the time Anna).

    £70K pays just the salary of one spin doctor at County Hall, who has the unenviable task of explaining why paying to park outside your own home is a good idea.

    • Terry Tickles says:

      I was busy having a champagne dinner with my banker chums last night.
      Relishing the prospect of the return of fox hunting.
      Missed the debate….I bet Anna won hands downs.

  12. Alison Rowe says:

    I too have noticed the complete lack of Tories on Beeston High Road – my two sons are most disappointed not to add to their balloon collection – last time Bob Seely was on the High Road on at least one Saturday!

    I was also at the hustings and was somewhat amused when Anna lost it when Nick said her submission hasn’t been received by the council – is if his fault if the council break confidentiality of Data protection – shouldn’t she be ranting about them?

    I think it’s also quite insulting that she doens’t think the electorate of Broxtowe are capable of independant thought as anyone emailing her is “part of an orchestrated campaign!”

  13. David Watts says:

    As Steve mentioned I’m getting about 100 emails a day from people. Anna may be getting more than this but to say that there is a plot against her is crazy. I’ve heard a few reports locally about Broxtowe Tories infighting as they realise that their vote is dropping like a stone. Anna better watch out, the knives will be out for her.

  14. Beth says:

    I too spoke with Nick Palmer in Beeston high street on Saturday, and then spotted him in WHSmith where he was buying a Beeston Express.
    I did tell Nick that he seemed to have lots of support in Beeston – very few posters are on display for anyone else, but he said its different elsewhere in the constituency with a lot of Tory support in evidence in Hucknall…..

  15. Cllr Steve Barber says:

    I think Beth meant Nuthall which is a Tory stronghold. However, the Tory County Councillor only got in on the third recount with a majority of 11.

    An interesting anectode came my way from the City. Anna Soubry stood with a Conservative colleague in Sherwood a few years ago. Anna Soubry knocked on loads of doors and got fewer votes than her Conservative colleague, who did very little campaigning but got elected (she later resigned).

  16. Zoomy says:

    Presumably the Conservative campaigners have given up on Beeston itself (at the county council elections the Lib Dems won Beeston North by miles, with well over 50% of the vote, while the Conservatives narrowly won “Beeston South and Attenborough” – almost certainly thanks to the good people of Attenborough) and are focusing on the Tory areas like Nuthall and Chilwell. Seems a bit strange – you’d think they could win more votes in Beeston than in the places where everyone votes for them anyway…

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