Knives Out? Duncan Dares; and the Most Conflicted Shop Window in the East Midlands

Very interesting comment from Davis Watts I thought I ought to flag up:

“As Steve mentioned I’m getting about 100 emails a day from people. Anna may be getting more than this but to say that there is a plot against her is crazy. I’ve heard a few reports locally about Broxtowe Tories infighting as they realise that their vote is dropping like a stone. Anna better watch out, the knives will be out for her. “

Still,she has some support:


Think Broxtowe is conflicted: then check this out, as seen on a recent visit to Loughborough:

The local Conservative Club there is apparently now a Revolution pub these days….theres a joke in there somewhere…


11 thoughts on “Knives Out? Duncan Dares; and the Most Conflicted Shop Window in the East Midlands

  1. David Watts says:

    Who is Davis Watts? 🙂

    • beestonia says:

      I thought I’d give you a pseudonym to protect my sources, and NOTHING to do with my fingers being fatter than my keyboard…

    • Terry Tickles says:

      I wasn’t at the hustings….could David give an unbiased view…not a looney lefty view that come from everyone but a tory…….ha ha

  2. Andrew Turvey says:

    What didi you think of the Beeston Baptist Church hustings… assuming u were there of course?

    • beestonia says:

      I missed it unfortunately, but followed it on Twitter.. Will be at the next one, incognito, of course.

  3. Luke says:

    That video is disturbing. For someone experienced in being taped it she looks embarressed and fake.

    What continues to vex me is these sort of comments. A video whose entire content is we are working hard to squash Nick Palmer. WTF? Is that what you believe you are supposed to be doing right now? Perhaps I’m stupid or in someway being mislead but I thought the point of elections/votes is so that we the people decide who is going to be the best at running the country for us…..

    Hmmm what to choose…..

  4. Terry Tickles says:



    Lloyds Banking Group returns to profit

    This is good for Labour as it validates the bank bailout.

    Hopefully this will translate into renewed confidence for Labour over this last week of the campaign.

    Brown needs to focus on this in the debate…

  5. Alan-a-dale says:

    Luke… you didn’t really need the rest of your comment.

    ‘That video is disturbing’ sums it up nicely.

  6. If I were a Broxtowe voter even half-way thinking of voting Conservative, that video would have secured my vote for one of the others. I’m amazed Anna and her team let Alan Duncan appear in the area – he of the £128,000-odd second home claim, the £4,000-odd gardening claim (although he’s a very wealthy man anyway).

    Love the pic from Loogie-barooga, and the fact that one of the Andy Reed posters is upside down. Diversity awareness in action, I suppose. Excellent work.

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