Neil Davidson shows his talent for PR and Strategy once more..

I’ve only had brief yet caustic conversation with Mr Davidson, and his Cricket website (see Beestonia passim) , and he made it clear he doesn’t want to talk to me (you),  thus its nice to see he retains his redoubtable  skillz of communication when talking to people who have significantly more influence than those who aren’t worthy of  his  amazing PR talents:

(all further communication is unedited..over to you Mr Davidson/Mr Watts)

Dear David(Watts),

I am Anna Soubry’s Campaign Manager and it is with some disappointment that
we have to write to you. Anna has always considered that personal relations
between her and yourself have been generally good, despite obvious political
differences. However, we have to take issue with the contents of your recent
email newsletter dated 26th April, in particular the following:

> ‘ 7. Visit of Harriet Harman

> Labour have had a visit from the Deputy Leader of the Labour Party,
> Harriet Harman. I wouldn’t normally mention this except that another
> party has told a local paper that they shouldn’t report it. The paper
> (quite
> properly) won’t
> tell us who objected, but I know it wasn’t us and I’m pretty sure it
> wouldn’t have been Labour, so that only leaves one prime candidate.
> II think
> that this behaviour is appalling. The free press are a really
> important part of the UK, and a safeguard for our democracy, and no
> political party should ever try and restrict that.’

There is no truth in these assertions and you will recall the support Anna
gave to you both privately and publicly when you were wrongly accused
(arguably libeled) by Nick Palmer.

The above comments, unfortunately fall into the same category. We have no
desire to instruct solicitors but will not hesitate to do so unless the
record is put straight publicly in agreed terms and an apology is received
for the damage done to Anna’s reputation, notably the assertion that Anna
has been in some way involved in trying to restrict the freedom of a
newspaper and elsewhere, that she is somehow paranoid.

In addition, at the hustings on Sunday, you said quite forcibly that the
Tories did not attend Broxtowe planning meetings. Find attached
the attendance figures for the Broxtowe Development Control group
which are a matter of public record, which demonstrate that you were totally
misleading in your assertion. We would ask you to also correct this
statement publicly.

Best wishes,

Neil Davidson.
Dear Neil

Thank you for your email but please do not be so silly. I have not named
Anna, you or the Conservative party in any way in my email. In fact I made
it abundantly clear that I did not know who had complained and therefore you
will know fully that this is not libellous. Given that the Tory party very
clearly libelled my colleague Ken Rigby in the run up to last years County
Council elections, which you failed to apologise for or put right in any way
whatsoever, it grates a bit to hear you cry wolf now. I have reported what I
was told, fairly and accurately. I would have thought you would applaud
this. Isn’t it the job of an MP to keep constituents informed as to what is
going on in their constituency?

With regard to the second issue you raise, I never mentioned the Development
Control Committee. If the Tory Party and their candidate really do not know
which committee even deals with the core strategy on Broxtowe Borough
Council then you are hardly equipped to represent the people of Broxtowe. It
may though explain why your members consistently fail to attend.

Yours sincerely

David Watts

Smell of desperation? Theres more, and its here, on Beestonia, after I have had a good nights sleep…

13 thoughts on “Neil Davidson shows his talent for PR and Strategy once more..

  1. Terry Tickles says:

    Did the Green Party object?

  2. Cllr Steve Barber says:

    My goodness!

    I can’t believe that Anna Soubry thought David was referring to the Development Control Committee which he chairs and I am the vice chair. Our function is to look at planning applications; at this stage there has been no application to build core strategy homes on Green Belt.

    What we have dealt with and are currently investigating are a number of minor applications for developments on Green Belt. The last we threw out despite strong Tory proposals and a recorded vote when the Tories voted for the development and the current one again which the Tories appear to support.

    Prior to that the Tories had voted for housing development within a conservation area, it was turned down.

    David of course referred to the Strategic Housing Strategy working group, 6 members; 2 from each party. The Tories do not attend these meetings.

  3. David Watts says:

    Steve – don’t give them any clues!

  4. Alison says:

    Did anyone else get their leaflet from the undead party in Royston Vasey today?

  5. Alison says:

    Apologies, just double checked, its from the Lib Dems.

    • Terry Tickles says:

      Naughty naughty Alison………Just because one of the candidates looks like a film star.

      I heard Feckless Eric, aka Cllr Kerry was doing the rounds in Attenborough last night on behalf of the fragrant Sourpussy.

      My neighbour give him a right earbashing over the running down of social services in the county since Katy Kuttlass and her Kro-nees came to power.

      Still as they say if you don’t vote – you get the council you deserve.

      I hear Palmer as been promoted/endorsed by the “vote for a change” movement (which is dedicated to reform of the political system). they would only do that if they believed that this is a two horse race.

      So come on dave w, sya nice things to your supporters but say “Vote Palmer”

  6. Russell says:

    Beestonia, when is the rest of this coming? Some of us out here are on the edge of our seats in anticipation.

    Its like waiting for the Sunday papers, what hole will they dig themselves next.

    On a serious note threats of legal action should be taken seriously, Broxtowe Conservatives will have a lawyer with a lot of free time next Friday

  7. David Watts says:

    I had another email from them this morning. My reply to their rant amounted to a whole five words. I think that I’ve already sent a copy to Matt so hopefully he will post it here. It’s going to make the hustings interesting tomorrow night isn’t it. 🙂

    • Nice response David. You can go on and on at length but sometimes it is best to keep it concise. By the way, I didn’t get a chance to say hello at the Beeston Hustings (you already had loads of people talking to you) but I thought you came across very well.

  8. Cllr Steve Barber says:

    Someone has emailed to tell us:

    “Just thought you’d be amused to know that Anna now has an auto-reply to emails, which says she’s getting over 100 a day and is too busy to reply: the reason MPs can do it is that they have paid staff. “

    Is that all?

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