The Final Week: A little note.

I just got Dr Palmer’s mailout email, and am happy to see the lack of response to any query posited to Ms Soubry has become a real issue, and not just me feeling a bit rejected (big up to all those who have emailed and chatted to me in person about their concerns, and to the Beeston Express for being accused of bias when they broached it)

Nick also links to the video here of Alan Duncan  and Anna Soubry, to save you time scrolling down, Im reposting it. (Duncan is one of those MPs parties love as being a ‘character MP’: see Lembik Opek, Prescott and Boris Johnson); yet it always ends in disaster, and i’m surprised  Duncan was wheeled out to help our Tory challenger…the link is here:

I must disclaim however, that I used to like Duncan. I admired his liberal views on gay rights, his un-uptight demeanour, his seemingly progressive attitude. Then I discovered he is the eighth-richest MPs in the country, yet still made huge claims during the expenses crisis,  worked/works for Vittol, an oil company that openly traded with apartheid South Africa,and numerous other distasteful activities, and then its sigh, duped, and the realisation that the Bad Old Tories are still there, just masked better.

Oh, he also thinks the MPs salary is ‘rations’

As we go into the final working week of campaigning, I’d like to remind you that you can keep informed in many ways..but if you prefer the random gabblings of an unaligned, generally confused Beestonian then note the ‘subscribe’ button to your right. Click that. Go on. It will give you a lovely feeling. Im also available on Facebook: search ‘Beestonia’ and you’ll find my fan page.

Onwards, ever onwards….