Possible Front-Bench role for Soubry?

Early indicators are that Anna Soubry is already being lined up for a top role should Clegg be romanced by CallMeDave.  I think maybe prison reform is right up her street:

(shamelessly stolen from the ever-mighty LeftLion.com)

7 thoughts on “Possible Front-Bench role for Soubry?

  1. Alan-a-dale says:

    Love the video. Obviously Anna practising for her role with the Tory party… insincere, patronising, boring, badly scripted and dreadfully produced.

    The only consolation to be drawn from the election result is that in the next election (which I’m sure won’t be long in coming), the Lib Dems may realise their tactical mistake and vote Labour… then Anna can go back to what she’s good at.

  2. Brox says:

    In the meantime, I’m waiting for Anna to come good on her promise and sell her house and move into the Constituency….

    Clearly these things take time – so in the meantime I trust that she will see her way clear to publish a timescale for the move and not prove herself a hypocrite for constantly criticising Nick for living within her spitting distance and then break her word to us.

    Call me cynical, but I’m not expecting to see her make any immediate move into Broxtowe. Still, let’s hope she surprises us – it would be a tragedy if her first post-election action was an abuse of trust.


    • Mr. Sensible says:

      Brox, since we mention hipocricy, if she’s going on to the front bench, then that will make her tow the party line.

      Something she’s accused Nick Palmer of doing all campaign.

      At any rate, I smell another election.

  3. Terry Tickles says:

    The big question is…………

    who is she going to employ?

    • Brox says:

      Good question, given that she has promised the following:

      ‘I will not employ any member of my family, councillor or political activist using tax payers money’

      So, if you have any involvement with Broxtowe Conservatives or the name ‘Soubry’, you just lucked out…..

      I bet there was real hilarity within Broxtowe Conservatives when they read that…. 😉

  4. soubry watch says:

    Word on the street is that Broxtowe Conservatives are slightly annoyed that she won’t be employing them.

    Also, don’t forget Anna had her boyfriend working on the campaign, not sure if that counts as family?

    But we’ll watch and find out

    • Brox says:

      ‘Also, don’t forget Anna had her boyfriend working on the campaign, not sure if that counts as family?’

      If that does count as family then the Police will probably want to know…. 😉

      Unless you refer, in the wider sense, to her liking a bit of “how’s your father”..? 🙂

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