Soubry and the Slavery Fan.

I’m fresh from a gloriously warm Saturday afternoon at Beeston Carnival,  but I’m not writing that up till later. I’m much more in need of a shower-I smell like a folk singer’s sock.

Though I can’t not post this little bit of jaw-dropping information I got in the form of a comment in my last blog. You very well have missed it, so I’ll post it in full for your delectation:

Can you remember how Ms Soubry promised us all that she would not employ Councillors or PARTY ACTIVISTS?Well it’s interesting to note that she now employs a gentleman called Craig Cox. A quick google on “Craig Cox” tells us that that there was such a person used to be the President of the University of Nottingham Conservative Conservative Future group and was stopped from speaking by the NUS after he held up a banner at a conference sayiung “Bring Back Slevery” He was investigated by the University Authorities aand the North Yorkshire Police. see for more detail.Of course there is no proof that this is the same Craig Cox. There may be two who both went to get jobs in Westminster.

The author is titled ‘a decieved voter’, to whom I tip my hat, and hopes he/she doesn’t mind me re-posting this.

I did some fact-checking, and yep, that seems to be the bloke. His initial reaction to the investigation into his actions was to issue a rabid statement claiming he was ‘subject to a witchhunt by…. left wing zealots’, then seemingly issue another statement by proxy: ‘a friend’, stating that he ‘held up the wrong sign, at the wrong time’ which is, if you think about it, entirely correct.

On the left young activists can get all a bit militant to let off steam and under the misguided impression they look dangerously sexy in a Che Guevra t-shirt, and might even stray into the realms of Chairman Mao and Stalin to out-left their fellows. So it follows that the younger wings of right -wing political groups can also try and push the line; and they do. George Osbourne’s youthful  escapades are testament to this.

I remember visiting a friend at Uni in the early nineties, and  seeing some hilarious undergrads in ‘HANG MANDELA’ t-shirts. Japesters. Its not what they believe, not outside the deeper recesses of their subconcious. Its more a reaction against what they percieve as the earnest lack of humour that often infects the left. They see it as frivolous provocation, all harmless fun. I merely think its childish, nasty and indicative of twattism. Maybe I don’t get it, I’ve always struggled to grasp the fun in using dogs to rip up foxes or the benefits of being bereft of a chin.

So Anna, any chance of some feedback on this? Im sure your silky Bar skills will provide an adequate  answer.  I look forward to hearing from you.