Soubry Responds! (except she doesn’t)

At last, Soubry has decided to reply to the allegations that she employed

a) A party worker.

b) A racist.

The firstshe promised she wouldn’t do, the second…great PR skills, Anna. Probably provided by her boyfriend who, I believe, also works for her. I know that a boyfriend doesn’t technically constitute family, well, outside of Norfolk it doesn’t, but still. Its doubtful he got the job on merit alone.

So the reply. Not to me, but to Cllr Steve Barber, who let me have a look at what he recieved:

Dear Steve and Pat,

Thank you for your email. I am pleased to set your minds at rest and make sure you are fully informed. Craig Cox is working for me on a temporary basis and is due to leave in August. Craig was indeed a student at Nottingham University and was a former chair of the University’s CF. Following my election as the member of Parliament for Broxtowe I needed to employ someone quickly and someone with experience of working in an MP’s office. Craig had secured a permanent position working for a large company as part of their graduate management scheme. That job commences in September and Craig completed his final exams shortly after May 6th. Craig knew of my need to employ someone as I have described and given he has previously worked for two other Members of Parliament I agreed to employ him until he begins his job in September.

I have advertised for a replacement caseworker now I have a constituency office. You are more than welcome to visit at anytime. I think you will find it a rather different set up and expenditure of public money than the one you were both used to at Harold Wilson house.

With best wishes


Which explains absolutely nothing.

Read it, I know politicians are trained to avoid the question, but this one answers a totally different question,something like ‘This Craig sounds like a nice bloke. How did you find him, whats his experience?…’ Straight talking politics, cheers Anna.

The questions remain unanswered, so my nagging continues. If Mr Cox would like to reply, I’d be willing to print your side of the story. We could even meet for a coffee. Maybe become friends. Worry not Craig, I’m white.

Tea and cake with the Sou Klux klan