BeestRollingStonia (insert better title later)

Evening, pop-pickers.

Tonight, I was meant to be back off to Nottingham’s Mechanic’s Institute to see my third Labour Leadership Contender: this week was Andy Burnham, the guilty looking scouse who isn’t Steven Gerrard. However, after losing a prominent tooth in a fight (with a piece of undercooked sweetcorn) at the weekend, I just can’t face being out in public without a cowl.

I’m sorry, Beestonians.

But fear not. Lord Beestonia does not leave you wanting. I got home, and started drafting an article of such staggering brilliance, such scope,  drenched in heart-rendering and melancholic prose, laced with pathos, sprinkled with soul ….an article that would then sweep up into a crescendo, a perfect balance of adrenalin rush and inspiring uplift; intoxicating in its majesty; leaving you, dear dear leader, moaning with joy as the prose turns to poetry, your limbs turn to jelly, your eyes water as your heart pounds, then leaves you stunned, shocked and thoroughly sated by the artistry of my word-stylings, breathless and trembling in your chair.

Then I got distracted watching clips of squirrels negotiating assault courses on youtube, so thought ‘sod it, I’ll write a pop-quiz. That’ll do.’


So here it is.

Click the link below, and provided you have Spotify (and if you don’t, ARE YOU MAD???) . You’ll find twenty songs, of varying degrees of goodness. Some are brilliant (Bent, Edwin Starr) and some are unmitigated toss.


Your job is to listen to the playlist, study it, make notes. Have a dance, if you like. I did,  like a chicken on a bonfire. Then, and only then, write a comment below that explains WHAT THIS TRACK / ARTIST HAS TO DO WITH BEESTON.

Once all twenty are answered correctly, then I shall post a video on here of myself wearing a tutu and thong, dancing to any track you choose.

Get to work, and prepare your ears (and eyes) for a feast.  Rock on, Tommies!

8 thoughts on “BeestRollingStonia (insert better title later)

  1. Kat says:

    Does anyone in this house even own a tutu?

    Readers of Beestonia, I urge you to answer this quiz. You, too, can bring entertainment into a PhD student’s sad and lonely life. Sweeping cuts to university funding means that now, or indeed the next decade or so, is not a happy time for a young researcher. Just £2 a month twenty correct answers will ensure I have at least 3 minutes of unmitigated horror joy as I watch my housemate revel in losing his dignity once again.

    I thank you.

    • beestonia says:

      ‘Once again’??? I am the very model of decorum, Katherine *locks self outside house wearing nothing but a frown*

  2. Dave says:

    Although I don’t subscribe to Spotify I bet the great Edwin is on your list!

  3. Dave says:

    Ooooops just had another look at you article and realised that you’d mentioned the great man. Also, I never thought vanity would stop you from going to see a candidate and future PM of our fair country.

  4. Some are obvious – Julian Beeston, Terence Trent D’Arby, Trent Reznor (Nine Inch Nails). Bent are from Beeston, and I believe that in his later years, Edwin Starr lived around here (well one of my friends said he used to buy from his warehouse). Then there are the song titles: David Watts and Steve Barber’s Adagio for Strings…

    Can’t think anymore until I have had a cup of tea.

  5. Andrew murphy says:

    Hi Lord beeston

    I met you at the crown one beery night.

    Like you blog

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