Beestonia and Soubry’s Fantasy World/ Will work for food/ Savage Cuts.

After the last post on here, things have got rather frenzied. It took a week for the story of Soubry’s incredible Common’s statement to bubble up to the Nottingham Post, and it inevitably caused a stink in the Beeston Express.  Eventually, Anna decided to issue a statement in the Post today, and its a cracking read.

She starts trying to spin her way out of the scandal by accusing anyone who was concerned about her bare-faced misleading of the House as purveyors of ‘spin’.  Thus follows a floundering, confusingly overlong explanation that wildly swipes out at the CWU as not being representative (the irony, Anna, the irony), and then asserts the utterly absurd idea that postal workers SUPPORT privatisation. No they bloody well don’t Anna. I assume you are mixing up ‘postal workers’ with ‘Ken Clarke’. Maybe removing your head from his corpulent arse will improve your hearing. Just an idea.

And breathe.

Beestonian’s -Broxtonians-I suggest you stop writing to Soubry. It obviously is too much trouble for her to read and reply, and if the view expressed doesn’t square with what Ken Clarke she thinks. Save your stamps. When Anna and the other Thatcherite greedpigs in the Commons throw the Royal Mail to numerous private companies, they are going to be a hell of a lot more valuable…


I’m not very relaxed, as you may note from the previous few lines. This is very much linked to my terrible misfortune to become unemployed and horrible dole-scum just as the right-wing press decided the economic crisis was nothing to do with the greed and stupidity of those in the Square Mile and all to do with the poor. T’was always so, sadly. So I’ve been had the depressing experiences of trying to claim benefits while simultaneously trying to stop the GnatWest from creaming the last few pennies left in my account to ensure Sir Fred Goodwin has a poached Faberge Egg on toast each morning.

I have sensed I’m not the only angry one, and as energy prices, inflation and banker’s salaries rise when disposable incomes, full-time job vacancies and  hope spiral down, its nice to see dissent coming from the most unlikely quarters.

Rumours that Schofield was responsible for lobbing that fire extinguisher at the Met last week are unverified.


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