Beestonia Borrowers / LibDem Cock up?

Well done, Beestonians. Loads of you did the right thing on Saturday, and got your arses down to the library for 11am to tell Kay Cutts that cutting the library service in the County was a daft idea, and was in need of a rethink. It was all very polite, a few choice excerpts from books and poems was read to a large crowd, as queues to withdraw books snaked right round the shelving. I even got on Central news, albeit briefly, and looking so glum strangers have been pushing bags of Prozac into my hand since.

Was nice to see some familiar faces there, and I’m sure this isn’t a one off.  I have wind of lots of anti-cuts protests on the horizon, more on which later.

I made one withdrawal myself, which I’ve decided to read over the next few days in an act that can only be described as masochistic torture. Yes, I’m going to plough through the shiny, glossy Conservative Party Manifesto 2010, which I  found, with some measure of surprise, in the non-fiction shelves. This could go either way: I could realise that Davey C does actually have a vision for Britain that will deliver us into a new golden age of prosperity; or be reduced to a fuming mass of unbridled rage, and return the book shredded and smelling suspiciously of wee. Let the experiment begin.


I’ve got some Soubry News, and some other stuff, but it will have to wait till next time as I got tipped off by something of such magnitude it cannot wait. This is a screenshot from Broxtowe LibDems latest online newsletter (available at )

Now, theres Liberal, and there is Liberal…...


(thanks to L&L for spotting that)