Beestonia: February March; Snout-Pusher to join the BS?

Sometimes a story won’t go away, much to others dismay. Soubry had hoped the misrepresentation of the postal workers would eventually drift out of the public’s minds, and we’d all forget that she deliberately stood up in the Commons and told an outright fib to the House.

A mealy-mouther explanation followed, as did a strained meeting with the offended postworkers, who turned up at her door with a giant postcard. I have had some inside info on that meeting: apparently she got agitated, interrupted them constantly, and at one point, banged on the table in anger. I’d seen her earlier, and she did seem in a narky mood: when the Beeston Express tried to snap her holding the over-sized postcard, she snarled at the camera and was purposely beligerant, to which I heard the normally mild-mannered lady from the Beeston Express utter some very choice words.

But the story rumbles on. Feelings are running strong, and now shops in Beeston are displaying posters demanding the post be kept public. And tomorrow, Saturday the 19th February, there will be a march from Padge Road sorting office, which will take in a rally, then entertainment and drinks at the New Venture Social Club. As an ex-postman myself, I often went drinking with other posties, and can say conclusively they are by far the most fun people to get messy with.

All my readers, including you, Ms Soubry, really should attend, otherwise we’re likely to see TNT take over your post. As this rather piss-poor, overpriced company recently admitted they couldn’t guarantee delivery of first-class mail within the Netherlands, where they have a  monopoly, for FOUR days, losing Royal Mail will be a terrible, terrible thing.

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I’m still all excited about the joyous Big Society, and decided to check to see if the local MPs were also throwing themselves into the volunteering lark. We have four Nottinghamshire Coalition MPs: all Tory:  Patrick Mercer (Newark); Mark Spencer (Sherwood); Kenny Clarke (Rushcliffe); and our own redoubtable Anna. I was sure they would embrace the BS, and dive right in, but alas! Not one of them has any declared voluntary contributions to Cameron’s brainchild.

Fair enough. MPs are incredibly busy, despite having 20 weeks a year off. Nick Palmer forged a reputation over his tenure as MP for Broxtowe through his legendary workload: constituents from all hues of the political spectrum were in awe at his ability to write back promptly, and explain his reasons for voting one way or another. Soubry, judging by the amount of stories I’ve heard here, or read in the Beeston Express /Nottingham Post, has a less tenacious approach. As in just-doesn’t-reply. She probably will blame the post…

How about Clarke ? The most senior of the local Tories holds several non-parliamentary positions: hes a non-executive Director at Unichem, holds a Directorship at The Foreign & Colonial Investment Trust (a £2.5 billion investement /Private Equity company); hes also a member of the advisory board of Agcapita Farmland Investment Partnership, a Canadian farmland investment fund. Oh, and better mention his advisory boardroom position of a London-based Hedge Fund Management Company, Centaurus. And in his spare time, he acts as Deputy Chairman and director of snout-giants British American Tobacco, a company that charmingly advertises its products in the third-world directly at kids (Nigeria is presently seeking a $42.4 billion settlement for the damage its done to the nation’s juvenile lungs).

So Kenny is a busy boy, no doubt. But surely he could pack in at least one of the roles and swap it for a shift down Oxfam? Or maybe, as a veteran of the Major government and its awful cringe-worthy initiatives- the Cones Hotline,’Back to Basics’ – knows an albino pachyderm when he sees one, and wisely chooses to not dip his toe in.

But its probably more the money. Like the fags he pushes round the world, filthy lucre is awfully hard to quit.