Beestonia Briefly Bows Out…

Its been a difficult decision to make. I’ve lain awake night after night trying to work this out, hoping I’d see a way, a compromise. Yet nothing. There is no other way. Its over.

I love you, you do know that? When we really got together last year, after so long flirting with each other…well, they were the happiest days of my life. I woke in the morning smiling as I’d dreamed of you, and there you were, to spend the day revelling in. Bedtime was wrapped in you.

You intoxicated me, kept me awake at night, drove me to weird extremes. Possibly drove me into an existence that needed two litres of red wine every twenty four hours to sustain, yet did it matter? Normality was so far removed in your presence, any other excess was merely sideways. But I can’t let this lie anymore, less it fester and ruin us both.

I love you. I always shall. But Politics, we’re over.

I simply find that where once you were  exciting and opened up so many worlds to me, now you squat on me like Larkin’s toad, perpetually dismissing my attempts to look around myself…you were jealous, controlling…and I was in awe.

What? Maybe we can just take a break? But for how long? Say a month? Until after the election? Well, we could try. I suppose…

What will I do then? Well, write stuff about Beeston that isn’t necessarily political. Bloody hard right now, but I’ll try and endeavour. And you?

What? You’ll set up a seperate blog with several writers to talk about the election, with me as editor? Surely this is adultery?

And the public can see your adulterous ways where? Here?

Oh well, you do that. You gallivant off with the movers and shakers of Broxtonian politics while I will here and kick out whimsical observations..I’ll let you run amok.


Do subscribe, I have an elite team* of researchers, writers and investigative snoopers led by the  indefatigable Bobby Grumbles. I’ll be overseeing it, as in clickin g on my Blackberry every couple of days and thinking ‘Oh shit, they can’t publish that’ then getting distracted by tea/booze/squirrels and forgetting until the lawsuits roll in.

And while that happens, Beestonia will be a delightful, politics free zone, devoted to observations about  tea/booze and squirrels. Enjoy!

*otherwise known as the ‘Poundstretcher Pulitzer Prizers’ . If you fancy being one, email me.