Einstein, football and a Walk in the Woods…

Hello! Its me again, back from the month long bath in the often murky waters that are  local politics.Many thanks to Samir for writing a smashing article for me while I was away, if hes not too busy I’ll be using him again sometime soon. And if YOU ever feel like writing for Beestonia, get in touch.

Lots of stuff outstanding, so I’ll get straight down to work:


Einstein was a Beestonian

A brilliant piece of info came to me recently, from the University of Nottingham Dr Matt Jones (a former housemate of mine, and a great Beestonian) . Einstein decided to visit the uni in 1930, and gave a guest lecture to a mix of German students and physicists.In German.  Apparently, the German speakers didn’t understand physics, and the physics students didn’t understand German, yet the one German speaking physicist in attendance had the foresight to realise the events importance. He or she persuaded the University to preserve the blackboard Albert used by varnishing it, protecting it history-destroying blackboard erasers. Thank you, that person, because now you can see the Great Physicist’s work for yourself : cop a glance at this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Brz0BLQVtKM


Einstein, Gandhi, Edwin Starr, Richard Beckinsale, Paul Smith, Shane Meadows…is there a single reader out there still unconvinced by my theory that Beestonia is the centre of the universe???



I’m still up to my neck in the local election and its resultant fall-out to run Beestonia lately, thus my avoidance of political stories here. But still, I can’t let a couple of things go.

Our ever-loved MP Anna Soubry appeared on BBC’s Question Time this thursday, and although I’ve yet to watch it on iPlayer, the inundation of emails, texts and tweets I recieved seem to show she was a bit rubbish. I’ll withold judgment till I watch it, but in the meantime I’d like to ask for your opinions on an article I’m writing regarding her first year as our MP. Let me know what shes done wrong or right, and I’ll take it in account when I get round to typing it up. I don’t want a hatchet job, I want an honest appreciation. Let me know how you feel.


Last bit of politics, I promise. I recently expresed in my other bit of scrawling: http://beestoniabattleofbroxtowe.wordpress.com/  that I was in awe to the young Broxtonians that were so politically enthused they stuck themselves up fo election. So big props to 21-year old James Spencer who decided to stick himself up for the Tories in what proved to be a vain attempt to capture the Wollaton East/ Lenton Abbey ward. Failure provoked him to issue the following statement to the Nottinghan Post

I have a saying for times like this: dont retreat, reload

Nice one James. Just quote Sarah Palin’s most regrettable line which, after the Gabrielle Gifford shooting, destroyed her politcial future. And in a city trying to shake off its gun-crime infamy, a tad stupid.



PERAMBULATIONS: The appropriately named St. Aplefordian Dave Wood has had a great idea. In 1662 Sherwood Forest was perambulated: thats ‘having a slow walk round’ in modern terms and the perambulated wrote down what they saw, what was there etc to create a distinct snapshot of this incredible local asset.

In 2011, the Forest is but a shadow of its former self: it ran down to Beeston when the seventeenth century perambulation occured, and much further south before that. Hemlock and Bramcote woods are still relics of this. Yet Dave is going to trace the ancient footprint of Sherwood, and write about what he sees as he does so. It should be a fascinating trek, directly comparing an era that was obsessed with plague, religious turmoil and Punch and Judy shows (Pepys recorded the first mention of them that year) with 2011, where we are diverted by iPhones, Arab Springs and Blue losing Eurovision.

Whats more, I will be accompanying Dave on a few stages of the perambulation, depending on my availability: its a bloody long way. He needs support, so let him know how good this plan is by visiting http://creativesherwoodforestperambulations.blogspot.com/ and telling him.


FOOTBALL! Fancy a game? Wollaton FC are desperate for new blood for their adult (16+) squad. And yes, this is a Beestonia thing as they play at the Weir Field in the Rylands. The season begins in September, with pre-season training commencing August, so if you’re either looking for a new club, or a total novice who fancies themselves as the new Ryan Giggs (without the superinjunction), give Chris Dilks a call on 07784685890.

5 thoughts on “Einstein, football and a Walk in the Woods…

  1. Pedro says:

    Re Anna Soubry

    I wonder sometimes quite why she wanted to be an MP for this area. When reading her missives in the Beeston Express I marvel at their generality and lack of connection to the constituency and, in many cases, lack of any real opinion or conviction.

    Having said that the one ocassion I did notice her express a strong opinion it was in the spectacularly ill judged response she made to the Royal Mail campaign and her claim not to have received any responses from constituents working at the RM – and we all know how well that reflected upon her.

    Rightly or wrongly I have formed the strong impression that she wanted to be an MP, just to be an MP for anywhere and inhabit the corridors of Westminster rather than actually be bothered with the nuisance of constituents and all that kind of messy stuff.

    I get so much more info about what is going on in Broxtowe from Nick Palmer’s regular e-mails which is quite a reflection on both Nick and Anna Soubry considering that he has to earn a living away from the constituency and this is meant to be her full time job.

    • Kate says:

      Amen to all that. I don’t feel we have and MP representing us. In the past I’ve always had responses to letters/emails, both from Nick Palmer – needless to say – and before that from Jim Lester. Although a Labour Party member I felt well represented by JL as an individual and on behalf of my family. I don’t even bother to raise any issues with Anna Soubry because it feels like a waste of time and energy. How bad is that?

  2. Javid says:

    Agreed Pedro. Don’t forget before she stood here she stood in Gedling where she announced that she was ashamed to live in Nottingham.

    I consider her latest missive in the Beston Express an absolute insult to the Lib Dem Councillors in Beeston West who lost their seats because of her government and nothing to do with their hard work or personalities.

  3. Josh Pearson says:

    I’m no conservative, and I think Soubry has got a number of things wrong in her time as MP.

    But i just wanted to include some balance, by saying that when I had a serious personal issue, she was very understanding and acted very fast on my behalf. In that respect I have no complaint.

  4. Pedro says:

    Heard Anna Soubry pop up on a feature on Radio 5 last night about Ken Clarke and various justice issues debating with a journalist

    I’m surprised how quickly she resorts to sarcasm especially as she was making some decent points – detracted from the impact of what she was saying

    Descended at one point into a bit of a mess with all three people (including the presenter ) all trying to speak at the same time over each other – quite funny really

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