Beestonia on the Move; Watts Up In Beeston?

Apologies for the lack of communication, all has been rather frantic of late at Beestonia Towers, chiefly to do with leaving the aforementioned towers for my new abode, a hollowed out volcano somewhere in Beeston Square, complete with giant laser guns and furry sour-faced cats. Or an end terrace just off the High Street. One or the other.

I’ve also been tapping out the stonkingly colossal review of Soubry’s first year in office, which should be ready for your consumption around the time shes well into her third year of power. It’s an Opus Majus, and I pity any biographer now for their career choice. One week in politics may be a long time to write about, but a year makes War and Peace look like a Janet and John book. Especially after the year our darling MP has had. To write someones whole life must be torture, so my hat duly tipped to Boswell et al.

Theres also some rather exciting news to come about the future of Beestonia, which you’ll hear about very soon. And no, it’s not the release of theĀ  I Heart Beestonia t-shirt I wore during the election campaign, there’s still only one of them (and it’s got rather grubby).

One last thing though, I saw something rather odd today while cycling near Abbey Road. Is it:

a) An exciting but rather different career choice from one of our local politicians?

b) Testament to the enduring appeal of the Lib Dems in Beeston North (though Steve Carr must feel slightly underrated by it)?

c) Proof that Ray Davies was right, and we wish we could be like……

Answers on a postcard to the usual address.