A Beestonian Meets Jimmy Saville, Luke Skywalker, Frank Bruno.

Just heard that Jimmy Saville has died, which is very sad as Jim’ll Fix It was my favourite programme as a kid, and I penned loads of letters to the Jingle-jangle cigar chomping genius, sadly to no avail. The letters invariably would ask if I could be in Star Wars: ride the Millenium Falcon, fight stormtroopers or lend Darth Vader my Ventolin. I didn’t realise that just up the road, a lad had beat me to it, meeting R2D2, Chewbacca, Luke Skywalker AND Jimmy Saville. And here is the evidence:

Do you know who the kid is? As that would have been filmed in 1979, he would be 40 now. Did you go to Roundhill with him? Did you envy him with such force your eyes went emerald? Are you him? Let me know.

So RIP Jimmy, and thank you for being in my favourite jaw-droppingly bizarre photographs, below:


Yep, thats Frank Bruno. Meeting Peter ‘Yorkshire Ripper’ Sutcliffe in Broadmoor. Consider your mind blown.