First, the good news, and tghen the really really crap news.

The tram is now totally greenlighted, and all signatures are dried on all contracts, after a decade of toing-and froing, its official. Whatever your view on the tram, its a good thing that we now have some certainty. Even those who were militantly against the tram: Cllr. Jackson and our MP, Anna Soubry are now pragmatically accepting its inevitability and getting behind making it work well.

Really crap news: It’s just been revealed that Wilko’s is to close. Yep, one of the better Beeston shops- I’m aware its a chain but its a very good one- is being kicked out of Beeston through no fault of its own. I’m not totally in possession of all the facts but it seems that the finger can be pointed at Broxtowe Borough Council’s planning committee that failed to ensure their was a suitable  relocation site to move to. As a result, the bulldozers will be rumbling up to the precinct in February and the emporium of budget house, garden and Pick n Mix produce will be reduced to rubble.

When the High Street is under attack by forces of recession, out-of-town shopping and Mary bloody Portas shaping legislation the enforced closure of one of the few shops to stand strong is a disaster, especially for those who work there and now face a post-xmas present of a P45.

Needless to say, the Campaign to Save Wilkos starts here….

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 UPDATE: Cllr. Barber has been in touch to offer some clarity on the matter:

This site and the associated other media are usually excellent but this time you are slightly askew:

True, Wilkos will have to move from their current location in April to make way for the tram. We have known this was going to happen now for several years, although sadly at some points I was the only person on the Council who actually remained convinced, which means that all those concerned have had plenty time to make alternative arrangements.

The Development Control Committee, which I chair and you seem to deride can only look at plans in front of us as submitted by an individual or developer. We have had no plans yet for a new Wilkos.

The matter of where Wilkos will move to is up to them and their landlord, we can only approve or chuck out the plans once they let us know..