Emergency Petition!

Brill. Just as Beestonia gets a scoop and touches a very raw nerve regarding the potential loss of Wilkos in Beeston, my laptop goes kaput. So as I get record hits outside an election, and a huge debate kicks off in the comments page, I’m reduced to running the blog from a rather battered Blackberry with a knackered trackball.

But its very important to get this out, and please pass on the info within. Tomorrow myself and others will be getting a petition together, standing outside Wilkos, to show the support this community gives to one of our finer retailers, and the employees who will soon be on the dole if this incredible piece of poor planning isn’t challenged.

We do need people willing to help: if you can spare some time tomorrow to help collect signatures we’d be overjoyed. I also will have to use the library to get the signature sheets together due to my IT facilities being buggered. Can you help? Let me know, asap by emailing mattgoold23@hotmail.com. If you can’t, please do at least sign the petition, tell everyone about its existence and maybe, just maybe, we’ll keep Beeston from losing one of its better shops. And as my thumbs are now red-raw through typing this, I’ll say tarah. Tarah!