Want to be in the movies? No? How about your house? Does your gaffe long for Hollywood? Now it has a chance. A local film-maker is looking for a location for a soon to be filmed short:

The film is set in a modestly furnished semi or detached house. The 2/3 min film will be shot over a weekend at the end of Feb. We need to film in the dining room, sitting room, kitchen and a double bedroom. I will pay some inconvenience money. The film will be for submission to all the major film festivals.
Contact Steve by email:  steve.deery@ntlworld.com, or call on  07985 199 054 

So there you go: if your domestic interior has star-quality, give Steve a call.


Read the latest edition of  The Beeston Express? If so, you may have been bemused by a strident front page article on the tram/Beeston Square, which declared itself the only credible source on the forthcoming changes by chuntering:

…there can be nothing worse  than sitting in a pub on a Friday evening listening to people-who think they know everything but actually know nothing-repeat rumours and hearsay…

Which is just a little patronising, but it gets worse:

Can I say here, if you are one of the people who enjoy repeating unfounded rumour….there is no need for the idle talkers amongst us to add to the existing anxiety levels of those older citizens who now find themselves living in the path of the tram

Ok, a couple of points: people go to pubs to talk, some of those things will be what they’ve heard about local issues, and they chat to discuss, argue and ascertain fact. But you best stop. The Beeston  Express knows best, and you may only express (!) opinions that have been sanctioned through the latest edition. After all, theres nothing worse than not doing so. Also,older citizens tend to be – as I discovered when running the Wilkos petition-the best informed people in Beeston. It’s not nice to condescend them, so don’t.

This editorial line might be helped a little if they actually printed fact and not, err unfounded rumour, such as

(Wilkinsons) will close on March 31st, 2012

No it won’t. The date given to staff is actually a whole fortnight later, on April 14th. Staff were therefore subjected to an increase in their ‘existing anxiety’ by a serious case of an ‘idle talker’ repeating ‘unfounded hearsay’.

If Lord Leveson is reading this, you might like to extend an invite….


Beestonia Needs Your Home!; The Beeston Express:D’oh!

A Beestonia Special: Cllr. Cox Clocks Off.

The Curse of Beestonia strikes again! Just days after suggesting that Councillor Craig ‘not racist’ Cox would be a shoe-in for the vacant Attenborough county council seat, he decides he doesn’t even fancy sticking around on a Borough level and hands in his resignation to move down to London where he has procured a job in the City. He has certainly been good value for this blog: this coming on to my radar when he became Soubry’s assistant despite

  • being investigated by the police on racism charges, after holding up a ‘Bring Back Slavery’ placard at a NUS event
  • Our devoted MP promising before the election that she would not employ party activists in that role. Or live outside the borough, but theres still time for her to honour that one…

He then had a crack at standing for the chairmanship of the optimistically named Conservative Future, the junior wing of the Tories that was formally known as the Young Conservatives, until that particular brand became toxic due to a rather ill-thought out habit of wearing ‘HANG MANDELA’ badges in public. He made it to the last two of the selection process, but the slavery debacle had tainted him to such an extent, reappearing in the national press as the campaigning began that he swiftly went from favourite to runner up.

I assumed he’d moved on then, so was surprised to see his name on the candidate lists for the locals last April. Not only on the lists, but running for the Toton/Chilwell Meadows ward, a seat bluer than a depressed Smurf. He took it with ease, and became the youngest member of the Council, at a tender 23.

To his credit, when I’ve managed to chat to him he came across as quite charming, unfailingly polite and talked avidly about fighting for the reinstatement of a bus route for his constituents. So its a fond farewell to Mr Cox, but I doubt we’ve heard the last of him. He has a quiet determination and ambition that I reckon will propel him into the House of Commons before long. Chancellor to Prime Minister Soubry? Hopefully, by then my birth country of Scotland will be independent so I can flee from the anti-Beestonia legislation probably being drafted right now…


Cox was, for a profession famously described as  ‘show-business for ugly people’, quite a handsome chap, tall,strong jawed and looking a bit like, according to a female Labour activist making eyes at him at the election count ‘a pre-balding Prince William’. While I can see that, I actually think its more Prince William +Will Smith  (not the Fresh Prince one, the posh British comedian who plays the part of a, errr, Conservative Party Ministerial researcher Phil Smith in the sublime comedy The Thick of It).  Judge for yourself:






I’ll have another post for you tomorrow; can’t tell you what yet as I don’t have the full details but I can tell you I have some more on Wilkos, some choice words from, and to Henry Boot Developers (who are going to be redeveloping the much-neglected Square, circa 2050), and an exciting chance for YOU to have your house appear in a very interesting short-film (and get paid for it!). Don’t go changin’….

Blunkett to Beestonia; More on Wilkos, Booze for Ballots.

Loads of stuff to run through, what should be a quiet time is anything much so I’ll keep everything brief. First, a Wilkos update.

The store is definitely closing in April and won’t be reopening instantly. I’ve been assured that sites are being looked at and  everyone is committed to Wilkos future in Beeston, but I’m still amazed at the incompetence exhibited by all involved, a dereliction of duty that impacts on  Beeston more than they seem to have realised.

The 56 workers there have been told they will be split around seven local stores in the area in the hiatus: hardly an option if you’re a minimum wage part timer who only puts in the odd shift. The closest seven stores to Beeston are the two in town, Long Eaton, Ilkeston, Sherwood, Bulwell and Clifton. Most of these cannot be reached on a single bus, so getting to work will make it economically unfeasible to turn up

. So, is there a site that can be temporarily used for the time being? Two suggestions mooted are the Betel/McDonalds site that was recently vacated, and the Peacocks site (Peacocks announced there plunge into administration this week). Unfortunately, both are too small to ensure continuity, but maybe as a compromise? Of course, the other option is to simply pay the staff their full wage throughout the ‘retail pause’. This retainer may create some urgency at Wilkos head office, and put a rocket up the council. Its certainly an issue all political parties have identified as important: councillors from all parties have backed the campaign and for that I’m grateful. Particular props go to Janet Patrick http://www.janetpatrick.org.uk/, who looks after the ward Wilkos is in, and has been very helpful in getting signatures together and the word out.

I’ll be presenting the petition at the next full meeting of Broxtowe Borough Council, which isn’t, unfortunately, until late February. I’ll be back out collecting signatures on the street before that, but if you want to make your voice heard right now, go to http://www.ipetitions.com/petition/savewilkos/ and sign online. Then tweet it, Facebook it, climb a high roof and shout about it.

Thanks also to all the people who responded to my call to be willing to give a quote to the Post in Monday in regards to a story they were planning to run as an update on the campaign…seems it wasn’t needed as the piece has either been dropped or postponed.


It’s rare that we see much of political heavyweights in Beeston outside election time. So, whatever your political hue, this is worth a look come February:

Former cabinet minister David Blunkett is to visit Chilwell for a public meeting where he will talk about Labour’s alternative to austerity and the challenge of a post-Coalition Britain. In addition he will reflect on his experiences in public life over the past 40 years. The meeting will be chaired by Nick Palmer, Broxtowe’s former MP and now Labour’s Parliamentary Spokesman for the constituency, and is open to members of the public, who will have the opportunity to put their questions to Mr Blunkett.

As well as talking about Labour’s plans, Mr Blunkett – who served as Home Secretary, Education Secretary and Work and Pensions Secretary in Tony Blair’s Government – will share his views on the performance of the Coalition and about Labour’s task in rebuilding trust and support.

Nick Palmer said: “A great many voters are already disillusioned with the Coalition Government but it’s not enough just to oppose. Voters want to know what Labour’s alternatives are, and we’ve asked David Blunkett as one of Labour’s leading national figures to talk about Labour’s strategies and respond to questions. I’m looking forward to chairing the meeting and contributing my own comments on the way forward. “Broxtowe is the 10th most marginal Tory seat in Britain – and in 2010 the Tories won partly by throwing huge amounts of money into the seat. It’s important that we can compete on a level playing field, so this meeting is also a fund-raiser to make sure that we have a fair chance to put the alternative case to voters.”

The meeting will be held at 7.30pm on Thursday 2nd February at Inham Nook Methodist Church in Pearson Avenue, Chilwell, Nottingham. Suggested donations are £5 for the waged and £2 for the unwaged.


I’m writing this post on the day that every blogger’s best friend, Wikipedia, is down, and that other source of wonderful knowledge, Beeston library, is closed. Thankfully its not become a victim of swingeing cuts (well not yet anyway) but is having a refurb and should be open again on the 13th February even better than before. ______________________________________________

The library closing means I can’t pursue one of my favourite time-squandering hobbies: trawling the Nottingham archives for odd stories. If you have an hour or eight to kill it’s a fine way to whittle the hours away. I think it must be akin to fishing, a ‘sport’ I’ve until now seen the point of. You sit in quiet stillness for ages, until something grabs your attention and breaks the semi-meditative state you”d drifted into. With anglers, it’s a trout, with archive-readers it’s a report on Nottingham having the riot act read to it again (it seems that our ancestors saw rioting as the norm during the early nineteenth century, they’d riot about anything. A toast to the Monarch suggested at the theatre? A riot ensued. Bread prices raised? A riot ensued? News that Prime Minister Spencer Percivel had been assassinated? Celebrations in the city reached such a pitch a riot ensued).

The angler will examine his catch, and depending 0n it’s quality, and either chuck it back or take it home to mount in a cabinet. So forgive me while I relate the following to you: it’s the eqivalent of me landing a whale-shark from a perch on the Erewash. In 1754, to curry favours with voters, wine was made available to the electorate in Nottingham, but only AFTER  they had voted, due to their propensity for forgetting to vote after a few gob-fulls. Better still:

 ‘in order to prevail upon that debauched borough, Newark, £1000-£1500 had to be expended… such was their thirst… (a)  number of the guests had the misfortune to take too much of the wine, and die soon afterwards’

Now, we have a real problem in 21st Century Britain getting the electorate out every few years so….. I’m just planting seeds.


And finally, I’m going to plug myself by telling you the newspaper I edit and publish, The Beestonian has just reached Issue 5 and available in the usual outlets. Big thanks in particular to our sponsors Belle and Jerome and The Treasury  If you’d like to stick an advert in Issue 6, we’d be more than welcome to have you on board: get in touch by emailing mattgoold23@hotmail.com and we’ll sort something out.


I’ve just glanced down at the notes I made for the little piece about the Nottingham Annals, and can’t publish this post without first mentioning the fact that around two hundred years ago, Nottingham rioted against ‘unscrupulous cheese-makers’. I’m so proud to live where I live.

An unscrupulous cheese-maker, yesterday.


A bit of an emergency post this: The Nottingham Post are looking to run another story on Wilkos tomorrow, which is great news for keeping the story alive and centre stage. I’ve given some quotes today but they’re looking to have a quote from someone who has signed the petition to give their reasons why. I don’t want to just life quotes from the paper/online petition without prior permission, so was wondering if YOU, or anyone you know, could get in touch asap if you do have someone willing to appear in tomorrow’s paper. If so, ring/text me on 07595954622 and I’ll put you in touch with the Post journo. Cheers

Online Petition.

Quick post to let you know that due to huge demand to do so, we now have the petition online if you still haven’t signed it.

It’s here: http://www.ipetitions.com/petition/savewilkos/ : please feel free to tweet, put on facebook, pass to friends. I think BBC Radio Nottingham are running another piece on it tomorrow and I’m going to use a couple of free hours to do collect more signatures. We are being listened to, but we still need to be shouting.

Huge thanks to James Williams who set the petition up.

Beestonia Takes Centre Stage; Cox to Rise Again?

Ok Beeston, I hope you have a clean shirt and have run a comb through your hair as we’re very soon to be on display to the rest of the county.

From next week, The Nottingham Post will be focusing on Beeston for a whole MONTH. We’ll  be on the front page for the duration, and a spotlight turned upon us. They’ll be features on the history of here, the quirks, the oddness and the general character of Beeston. So if a journalist stops you in the street demanding your opinion of stuff, be nice to them, and no saying rude things about St. Apleford. Thats my job.

More info as I get it.


And while we’re on the subject of newspapers, Beeston’s most loved quasi-news periodical The Beestonian  will be reaching it’s fifth edition in a few days, which means that I, as editor, will be in a spiral of panic until the day I stagger to the printers, limping and sobbing, clutching a blood, sweat and tears PDF file to my chest, begging it to be printed. Ease my pain, and help. I’m looking for Beestonians to help me fill the column ‘The Beestonian Asks...’ by answering this: whats your predictions for Beeston in 2012? Let me know, and if it’s good, you’ll see your name in print very soon.


Could Beestonia regular  Cllr. Craig Cox continue his shin-up   the political pole? Af ter failing to become head of Conservative Future last year due partly due to the taint of being investigated for racism due to a student ‘prank’ : https://beestonia.wordpress.com/2010/07/10/soubry-and-the-slavery-fan/ . His rise to become Prime Minister thus had to take a different route, first through becoming Soubry’s assistant , then taking the safe Chilwell Meadows / Toton borough seat. Now, the County council beckons. The sad death of Cllr. Tom Pettengell means that a vacancy has appeared for a County seat, and no other candidate seems likely other than Broxtowe Conservative’s Anointed One.


A couple of blogs that are well worth a look at:

This bloke seems intent on eating, photographing and reporting on every possible takeaway meal available in Beeston: http://foodisforwinners.yolasite.com/takeaways.php 

and here’s some interesting commentary on the Wilko’s debacle: http://rachelbarkley.wordpress.com/category/interests/news/


I’m also writing up a review of the year in Beestonia: it’s been a weird one, but will be up soon, as will my Beestonia Awards….keep sending me your views, had some cracking emails through so far so keep them coming.