A bit of an emergency post this: The Nottingham Post are looking to run another story on Wilkos tomorrow, which is great news for keeping the story alive and centre stage. I’ve given some quotes today but they’re looking to have a quote from someone who has signed the petition to give their reasons why. I don’t want to just life quotes from the paper/online petition without prior permission, so was wondering if YOU, or anyone you know, could get in touch asap if you do have someone willing to appear in tomorrow’s paper. If so, ring/text me on 07595954622 and I’ll put you in touch with the Post journo. Cheers

7 thoughts on “WILKOS!

  1. Steve Dodd says:

    Just heard that Peacocks in Beeston may be closing. Ideal place for Wilkos to go, but i think this is just a management decision to take advantage of the situation because they wanted to close it anyway. this was just a perfect excuse

    • beestonia says:

      Its a definate possible site if Peacocks administrators send it into liquidation. Will find out tomorrow if they are planning to vacate soonish…

  2. JudyS says:

    Peacocks would be an ideal site for Wilco’s to go if it has enough floor area but what a shame that we might be losing another big shop. When are we going to find out from Henry Boot what is happening to the Square?

  3. Chuck Beeson says:

    Hi i’m a new subsciber to this blog. Is this a serious blog about the future of Beeston town centre? If so why are there comments like “put the Wilkos in to the Peacocks shop”. Wilkos is three times the size of Peacocks – it is not a definite possibilty, it is a genuine non starter!

  4. Chuck says:

    Is this a serious blog about the future of Beeston town centre? The Peacocks shop is nowhere near big enough for a Wilkinsons store. I think if Beeston town centre is to move forward then sensible comments only will assist.

  5. JudyS says:

    My comment was a serious temporary alternative for Wilco’s. What would you rather have, no Wilco’s or a scaled down one until new premises are found? The majority of Beeston people would vote for ANY Wilco’s. I should think before you speak in future!.

    • Chuck says:

      I am thinking before I speak, I just wish people would think carefully before they offer opinions for which they are clearly not qualified to comment on. A temporary store? Do you realise how expensive it is to fit out a store for a retailer such as Wilkinsons? Peacocks are going in to administration, they are not necessarily closing for good and the landlord might not want a temporary retailer when they can secure a permanent tenant. Trust me, the world will keep turning, even without a Wilkos in Beeston. Patience is a virtue – wait and see what happens maybe?!

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