Want to be in the movies? No? How about your house? Does your gaffe long for Hollywood? Now it has a chance. A local film-maker is looking for a location for a soon to be filmed short:

The film is set in a modestly furnished semi or detached house. The 2/3 min film will be shot over a weekend at the end of Feb. We need to film in the dining room, sitting room, kitchen and a double bedroom. I will pay some inconvenience money. The film will be for submission to all the major film festivals.
Contact Steve by email:  steve.deery@ntlworld.com, or call on  07985 199 054 

So there you go: if your domestic interior has star-quality, give Steve a call.


Read the latest edition of  The Beeston Express? If so, you may have been bemused by a strident front page article on the tram/Beeston Square, which declared itself the only credible source on the forthcoming changes by chuntering:

…there can be nothing worse  than sitting in a pub on a Friday evening listening to people-who think they know everything but actually know nothing-repeat rumours and hearsay…

Which is just a little patronising, but it gets worse:

Can I say here, if you are one of the people who enjoy repeating unfounded rumour….there is no need for the idle talkers amongst us to add to the existing anxiety levels of those older citizens who now find themselves living in the path of the tram

Ok, a couple of points: people go to pubs to talk, some of those things will be what they’ve heard about local issues, and they chat to discuss, argue and ascertain fact. But you best stop. The Beeston  Express knows best, and you may only express (!) opinions that have been sanctioned through the latest edition. After all, theres nothing worse than not doing so. Also,older citizens tend to be – as I discovered when running the Wilkos petition-the best informed people in Beeston. It’s not nice to condescend them, so don’t.

This editorial line might be helped a little if they actually printed fact and not, err unfounded rumour, such as

(Wilkinsons) will close on March 31st, 2012

No it won’t. The date given to staff is actually a whole fortnight later, on April 14th. Staff were therefore subjected to an increase in their ‘existing anxiety’ by a serious case of an ‘idle talker’ repeating ‘unfounded hearsay’.

If Lord Leveson is reading this, you might like to extend an invite….


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