Beestonia: Now On TV!

A quick note: all I have time for since every iota of my spare time has been devoted to carving out Issue 6 of The Beestonian (now with added design specialist to make it look a bit more polished), but I’ll be soon updating on Wilkos, reporting more on the Hindu Temple and more nuggets of NG9 joy.

However, for those who must get a fix of Beestonia before that, turn on your telly tonight and you’ll see me with Ken Clarke, John Prescott, the hugely talented Owen Jones a token Lib Dem and some american businesswoman whose favourite word is ‘synergy’ (possibly).

Yes, I’m on BBC Question Time, but sadly just as an audience member, not on the actual panel. Yet I may be asking a question, and as I presently have a bit of a cold I’ll sound like Melvyn Bragg snorting cotton wool.

I also swear here that I shall refrain from referring to the Right Honorable Member for Rushcliffe as ‘Aren’t you that bloke who sells kiddies ciggies in Asia?’ , or doing ANYTHING to provoke ‘Two Jabs’ Prescott.

Tune in. To a different channel, preferably.

One thought on “Beestonia: Now On TV!

  1. Gareth says:

    Aww. I wanted to be on Question Time. But really, I wanted to lampoon Michael Gove on Question Time, so maybe next time.

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