A Visit To The Temple; Beestonia on the Radio (again).

It’s been quite a week. I started a new job, had a big redesign of The Beestonian (cheers Tamar) and went on telly, more of which I’ll tell you about tomorrow. I was expecting a quiet weekend, but when it was offered, I couldn’t pass up on an offer to take a trip down the Rylands to see the Hindu Temple for the first time.

It’s far off being finished, but from what I’ve seen so  far we’re in for a treat. Intricate beautiful carvings, crafted by South Indian artisans will be on show, with a fantastic array of colours and styles. I took a heap of pictures, which I’ll load up when I get a chance. When they are finished and put in place, there will be an utterly visual feast for your eyes to snack on.

The temple will be opening in April and I heartily recommend that you go down there to take a look for yourself. Sharmini, who showed me round, explained they wanted the Temple to also serve as a community hub for all Beestonians, there is a large room behind the main temple area perfect for all sorts of events, meetings and suchlike. It’s great that a formally derelict building, which could so easily have slipped further into decay before its inevitable demolition to make room for, well, probably another Tesco, has instead been turned into an exciting, vibrant place. Hinduism is a very open, welcome religion, and I hope those of all faiths, as well as those with none, take time to visit.

I also saw something you lot have done, something that has totally restored my faith in the wonderfulness of the town I live in. Some of the cards you’ve sent across were on display, again I’ll put a photo up when less busy. I read a few, with messages from people, some simply saying ‘WELCOME!’, others with long messages of support, offers of help, and suchlike. After reading a few, I felt my eyes get prickly and water, and a lump form in my throat. It may have been the brick dust, but I suspect it was seeing how simple honest goodness beats cynical, lazy, ignorant anger every time.

Sharmini presented me with a lovely thank you card as I left, but really you lot deserve it. Thank you again, Beestonians,  you have made the world a happier place.


I will be live on BBC Radio Nottingham tomorrow, chatting to Sarah Julian on the breakfast show at around 8.40am. Tune in!