The Brussels Stud-Muffin: a free emetic for all readers.

When it comes to politics, there are few more simple than our gorgeous MEP, Roger Helmer. Roger recently decided the tories were not right wing enough – I know!- so threw  his lot in with UKIP. And? What’s news? Well, here’s a picture of Roger:


Yep, he’s he spit of Alan Whicker if the jet-setting presenter declared Whicker’s World only consisted of  village-green England/ evil foreigners.

Now look closer. Look at that ‘tache. To help, look at this:


I recently heard that Mr Helmer, charmer that he is, refers to his hirsute lip-sprouting as the ‘Thigh Tickler’.

I apologise for the outbreak of spontaneous retching now occuring throughout Beestonia and it’s environs.