The Brussels Stud-Muffin: a free emetic for all readers.

When it comes to politics, there are few more simple than our gorgeous MEP, Roger Helmer. Roger recently decided the tories were not right wing enough – I know!- so threw  his lot in with UKIP. And? What’s news? Well, here’s a picture of Roger:


Yep, he’s he spit of Alan Whicker if the jet-setting presenter declared Whicker’s World only consisted of  village-green England/ evil foreigners.

Now look closer. Look at that ‘tache. To help, look at this:


I recently heard that Mr Helmer, charmer that he is, refers to his hirsute lip-sprouting as the ‘Thigh Tickler’.

I apologise for the outbreak of spontaneous retching now occuring throughout Beestonia and it’s environs.

9 thoughts on “The Brussels Stud-Muffin: a free emetic for all readers.

  1. David Watts says:

    Soubry offered another example of flexible truth on Radio Nottingham this morning, claiming that she and I have never met to discuss the draft National planning Policy Framework (the new planning rules which are causing all the problems) when we have sat in her office doing just that! She also called me “luv” live on the radio!

  2. Russell says:

    Surely the GP standing against Anna would leave the Lib Dems poised to win the seat. Just like 2010, just like the recent Toton Borough Council by-election. Oh, hold on…..

  3. Gareth says:

    Yes, David, we dislike Anna’s frequently malleable use of the facts. But in my view, you still have a few things to learn from Nick when it comes to campaigning without becoming overly party political, and, dare I say it, bending the truth a little. Perhaps at the next election, you and Dr Palmer could both pledge to campaign entirely positively and only on the issues. What do you think?

    • David Watts says:

      I don’t believe I have ever bent the truth, although I’m aware that others have accused the Lib-Dems of it. do try and campaign on positive issues although my experience of Dr Palmer is that he used to spend much more time claiming to be positive than actually being it. He seems to have abandoned that pretence now, hence I recently had to threaten to sue him for libel for the second time before he apologised for a completely untrue allegation about me.

  4. Gareth says:

    In my experience, both you and Nick have served us very well as councillor and MP respectively, focussing predominantly on the issues. However, when it comes to election time, you are more inclined to go negative.

    For example, in your recent Focus leaflet you complained that the tory candidate, Dr John Doddy, had unsuccessfully stood for the County Council twice previously: “He stood for Stapleford in 2009. They said no. He stood for Bramcote in 2011. They said no. Now he hopes that Toton and Chilwell will accept what other people wouldn’t.”

    To my mind, this sort of posturing is simply unhelpful, particularly as you must be aware that you’ve stood unsuccessfully as a candidate for parliamentary elections on previous occasions (as have both NP and AS).

    Again, I’ll challenge you: if you stand as the Lib Dem candidate at the next General Election, will you pledge to campaign entirely positively and only on the issues? Will potential candidates from other parties do the same?

  5. Gareth says:

    Incidently, I’ve emailed David, Anna, Nick, UKIP, the Green Party and the BNP to invite them to reply. I’m genuinely interested to see if anyone takes the pledge.

  6. Nick Palmer says:

    It’s quite difficult to give a blanket reassurance. I don’t think I can promise not to criticise Anna’s record an an MP – aspects of her voting record and local stances seem to me so contradictory to her pre-election stance that it’d be quixotic not to mention them. Moreover, I just know that the LibDems will again say that I can’t win and they’re poised to take the seat if only they get another few tactical votes, and I can’t promise not to say they’re being unscrupulous if they do that (since on the facts they’d be quite obviously trying to take voters for a ride once more). I also don’t think you can expect us not to offer a hint of criticism about the Government’s record.

    What I can say is this: I will never publicly criticise another candidate for their (1) personality or (2) appearance or (3) private life, and I’ll try to focus on what I’ll do right rather than what they’d do wrong. That’s really what I’ve always meant by positive politics. In the end if politics becomes personal then we’re reduced to the random “who do you like?”, and as a socialist I want to keep dragging the debate back to fairness and away from which of us has the prettiest face. (Not because I’d lose or anything, you understand…)

  7. The Green Party is more than happy to agree to campaign on the issues. As Tony Benn once said: ‘politics is about ishoos, not pershonalities’.

  8. Anna Souby says:

    Where’s Broxtowe?

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