Blogging is probably the most cheap, easy way to get your voice out. Celluloid is probably the most expensive, save etching bon-mots on to diamonds and launching them onto your public via a panda-powered catapult. Yes, I may have branched out into print (ISSUE 7!!!! OUT NOW!!!!!! ) but I’m fond of the utalitarian nature of, ahem, citizen journalism. It, like all the greater things in life, can be carried out for free, alone, in the comfort of your own bedroom.

So it’s a disorientating experience to find Beestonia attracting the interest of the Hollywood studios. Yes! I have been offered a contractual option to turn the epic tale of this blog into a three-part series of blockbusters that kicks off with an Episode One with the Story of Teresa Lou; a critically-acclaimed Episode One involving election campaigns and the chilling rise of Soubry; and an as yet realised Episode…

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4 thoughts on “

  1. Javid says:

    What a terrible video. “The tram is a threat” – I thought we’d got away from that rubbish.

  2. Ben Beeston says:

    I did laugh at the tram bit, it should be removed from what is a largely positive video.

  3. Joan Wand says:

    Very very disappointing that anyone should post a video like this on Youtube saying that the tram is a threat. How utterly negative and defeatist. Someone seems to determined to do Beeston down

  4. Liz Court says:

    Blimey – what a depressing video? It’s like Beeston is going to die or something?!?! I’m not sure I get the point of it. I celebrate the coming of the tram. These are new times and we’ll go with them. Bloody hell, it’s like people in old times talking about the trains coming!

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