Beestonia Strips The Willow; Wants You To Drink Cheap Ale.

Wow. Who knew so many of you were good at shaking a leg and ripping up Barton House’s dance floor?

But that’s exactly what happened. Our second fund-raiser for Oxjam took place on saturday night, and when I turned up to help out I crossed my fingers for 50 people. That should ensure we break even and get some good publicity out for the main event on the 20th October.  Arriving at seven-thirty, the band outnumbered the attendees. Suddenly, the waking-up at 4am in a cold-sweat with a start and a shout of ‘OH GOD THE CEILIDH’ seemed justifiable. I eyed the mountain of beers, ciders and wines we’d provided and involuntarily gulped.

An hour later, I’m pouring with sweat, barking into my Blackberry to my fellow Oxjammer Heather ‘ MORE PEAR CIDER! BUY MORE PEAR CIDER!’ as our workhorse of a fundraiser tore a trolley round Tesco topping up on booze; our original stocks depleted as 120 thirsty dancers descended demanding fuel. The band had already got everyone up and throwing each other round, people were grinning ecstatically and laughing, and, for the first time since we announced the fundraiser, I relaxed. Until he music stopped and the bar was swamped with booze seekers.

Despite working the bar, I had a great night as well, and even treated myself to a beer around midnight when we’d quietened down. I cannot thank all who attended enough, or the band (containing local legend Phil Langran) who gave up their time for free, and were utterly professional at getting arses off seats and onto the floor. At time of writing, we seem to have made well over £500 profit for Oxfam.

Now the biggee: The Oxjam Takeover proper, on the 20th October: more here . Buy a ticket NOW. We still need volunteers, and lots of them, to shepherd people between venues, to sell tickets on the day and suchlike. If you’d like to be part of it in any capacity, email forthwith. If you run a business and can donate some goods/ stick up a poster; or can help with any promotion whatsoever, please get in touch.

Also, those generous folk at Magpie Brewery gave us a special 3-for-2 deal on the ale: as such I now have a whole  72 pints of Magpie’s best-selling beer (Thieving Rogue 4.5%), which we are willing to sell on for a super cheap £50. Yes, really! It’s ready to tap, and I’ll even deliver it and set it up for you myself. Let me know at if you fancy it: and yes, the money will go straight into Oxjam’s coffers.

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