Wow. Who knew trying to juggle 15 venues, 50+acts and thirty volunteers would be difficult?

Well it is, and luckily I’ve not had that much logistical work to do to make tomorrows Oxjam a success, but my colleagues: Carly, Heather, Michael and Ben, have put together something that’s simply fantastic: which makes my role. to promote it, a hell of a lot easier.

I can’t mention every act in detail, or every venue, but we do have a full programme online at : http://www.oxjambeestontakeover.org/p/oxjam-beeston-takeover-2012.html for you to peruse. I have some personal highlights: The Jar Family come highly recommended and will rock the Square early in the day (before doing another Oxjam Takeover in Reading later in the day), and I’m hoping for a break to see the sublime local legend that is Brian Golbey at Barton House at nine pm. Miss Imp are an act not to miss either: improvised silliness and inspired genius all in one wax-moustacioed package. If you’ve not been in the back of Latinos before, you’re in for a surprise: it’s a moodily lit, windowless venue that makes you feel you’re in a nice and seedy comedy club in Soho, at 3am in the morning. Curiosity will no doubt drive me to The Bar
to see the notorious Arse Full of Chips offend the world and possibly strip naked and…well, you’ll see. The faint-hearted are not advised to attend.

Tickets are available from The Bean, Oxfam Books and Music, The Cricketers and The Hop Pole, as well as our many volunteers who will patrolling Beeston. And yes, they really are just FIVE POUNDS, which gets you into everything, all day. That’s well under a penny a minute: a fiver at Goose Fair would only give you three minutes, and possibly make you throw up. Buy one, then an exclusive programme designed by the acclaimed typesetter and artist Tamar Feast for just TEN SHILLINGS; and then a utterly wonderful commemorative Oxjam 2012 t-shirt designed by a bloke called Peter Blake. Did some collage thing with some band once, I think.

A special treat to you all will occur earlier in the day: I will be on BBC Radio Nottingham, possibly on The Mark Dennison Show at 8.15 am; and then definitely at 10am on The Richard Spurr, not just promoting the Takeover but also reviewing the day’s papers. Yep, I’m allowed to pontificate to my heart’s content on current affairs to an audience of thousands. Obviously, after hearing my pithy wit on air Radio 4’s Today programme will be hiring me to do Thought for the Day, in perpuity: ‘I was reading about the trouble in Syria the other day, and I suddenly thought how much this reminded me of the Beeston Square debacle…’ etc.

Tomorrow is going to be THE BEST THING EVER. No, really. It’ll make Live Aid look like a church fete; The Olympics look like a primary school sport’s day; Glastonbury a hippie with some cows. You’re in for a treat. Be there.


Oh, and there is a fundraiser tonight at The Commercial Inn on Wollaton Road: the fantastic Phil Langran Band will be paying. Think it’s a fiver on the door: will be a corker. Come on down.