Breast Ain’t Best?

Woo hoo. Now Oxjam is over, I can concentrate on the usual stuff I do, such as chiding local politicians and editing a monthly journal/newspaper/ego-sheet (Issue13, our best yet, out next week). However, aside from informing you that Soubry was quoted in Hansard yesterday as saying that she’d ‘spent 16 years defending, largely, the indefensible’ – great practice for her present job in explaining the wrecking of the NHS, I’m not going to write too much as tonight is the Oxjam Takeover Party, for us volunteers who worked it to have a bit of a do ourselves. We’ll be down the Hop Pole from 8pm,  come down. And if you can’t, then click here and give us some of your disposable dollar.

Instead I’ll hand over the reins to local lady Lisa Clarke, who wants to tell you all about the campaignyou may see around Beeston soon:

  • This Saturday myself and a few like minded friends will be holding a very quiet, civilised erm……lets see…demonstration is too strong a word…call it a raising of awareness in Beeston.
    The reason for our gathering is that, this week, along with a few thousand others we are boycotting Sainsburys and Tesco as well as Morrisons, Asda, Argos and DFS. Our reason? Because we are big supporters of the NO More Page 3 Campaign and they are the biggest advertisers in the Sun Newspaper. We are therefore telling these companies to stop giving our hard earned cash to this Newspaper until it chooses to drop one of it’s best known features.
    If you are not aware the NO More Page 3 Campaign has been gathering momentum for some weeks now, riding on a rising tide of feminist awareness and publicity. The campaigns petition has over 50 000 signatures and it’s founder is writer and actor Lucy Anne Holmes, who started the campaign because she felt it was sad and innapropriate in 2012 that the most prominent photograph of a woman in the widest circulation British newspaper is of a young woman in just her knickers. It is not a political campaign and nobody is asking for a ban. It is simply and very politely asking the Sun editor Mr Dominic Mohan to remove the photograph from Page 3 of the UK’s bestselling (and so called “Family Friendly”) newspaper, of a young women in just her pants.
    Let’s be clear, this campaign is not about censorship or getting Page 3 banned. But the feature mocks and disrespects women, and tries to teach Sun readers to do the same. It is also so outdated! The Daily Mirror used to feature topless Page Three girls in the 1970s. It dropped the feature in the 1980s because it realised that, culturally, the rest of Britain had moved on.
    Many would say and do that the simple answer is just not to buyThe Sun, but unlike ‘Lads’ Mags’, it has a circulation of about two and a half million copies a day, with many left lying around in restaurants, takeaways, pubs, on buses and trains, in workplace canteens and common rooms. Publishing this soft porn in a daily newspaper makes it ‘normal’ to see porn in everyday life and this effects young girls’ body image and gives young boys the idea that women’s bodies should be instantly available as a resource for men‘s sexual gratification.
    So, for this reason, this Saturday from 1-3pm we will be on Beeston High Street, in our NO More Page 3 T-shirts, with our fliers and copies of the petition. We would love for you to come and chat, support, sign and share the campaign. We are very excited about it. “Boobs Aren’t News!” ah hem….just practising.

    Lisa Clarke


9 thoughts on “Breast Ain’t Best?

  1. Tamar says:

    Well done, Lisa. Hope to be able to pop down, in my t shirt, and lend my larynx… x

  2. Lisa Clarke says:

    Please do!! And anyone else who supports this campaign! We need as many people to pass on the word as we can.

  3. Hello.
    I’m a Photojournalism student at the University of Derby, and am looking to cover the No More Page 3 campaign as part of my degree work. Would it be possible to attend the protest on Beeston High Street on November 3rd and photograph the protesters? I’d also be looking to conduct some audio interviews with protesters. Is there any way you could give me some details about the protest via email? My address is williamsclarelouise[@]gmail[.]com.
    Thank you for your time, and I look forward to hearing from you.
    Regards, Clare Williams.

  4. Lisa Clarke says:

    I have emailed you Clare. PLease let me know if you don’t get it. Thanks,


  5. lydia sawyer says:

    Is there anyway I can get involved? I’m a follower.

  6. Lisa Clarke says:

    Yay!! Yes Lydia come!! We are meeting in the Last Post at 12.30 and from there onto the main shopping street (pedestrianised area). Be great if you can make it and anyone else who would like to support us.

  7. room1024 says:

    I’ll be there showing full support to the No to Page 3 campaign.

    Cllr Greg Marshall

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