Beestonia Invites You: Be There or Be (not having your say about the) Square.

Tomorrow, in case it’s slipped your mind, is the public meeting that I have arranged in Beeston to debate the issue of The Square. It’s being held at John Clifford School on Nether Street, from 7.30pm until 9pm. It’s, of course, free, but to cover costs I’ll be asking for a small donation to cover the cost of room hire. Any excess will be distributed 50/50 between Oxjam 2013 and the school’s chosen funds.

On the panel will be Director at Henry Boot, James Greenway; and a local Borough Councillor representing the Council Planning Committee. I’m asked a few others too, but am still awaiting response. I will be chairing the meeting, inviting questions from the floor about the future of Beeston and anything else you would like discussed. Hopefully, there will lively, productive debate, and maybe, just maybe, a more defined vision set down. We can all but hope.

Please arrive promptly and use the car-park entrance at John Clifford. We have room for 150 attendees and their is full access for wheelchair users. If you can’t attend, we should be having a live stream on the web active: many thanks to the good people at Hex Productions for providing this. I’ll post exactly where you can access this once we confirm it’s possible.

Also, I’d like to apologise if you have sent me an email over the last week and not had a response: I’ve been incredibly tied up with The Beestonian (we should have Issue 15 out tomorrow); but will be spending a chunk of time later tonight workign my way through. I’ve never had so much response to any issue: it’s been rather overwhelming. Let’s make sure our voice gets heard loud and clear.

Also, I’m on BBC Radio Nottingham’s Breakfast Show tomorrow (I seem to spend so much time on their I’m going to see if I can get a rebate on my license fee), talking about The Square in a feature they’re running.

Right, off to go off and slip into a 24 hour panic that kicks in every time I think about speaking to an audience. See you tomorrow!







4 thoughts on “Beestonia Invites You: Be There or Be (not having your say about the) Square.

  1. Javid says:

    Is Ms Soubry coming? Does she know where John Clifford is?

  2. You’ll be fine Matt. You’re getting an old hand at this presenting lark now. Might be an idea to bring some Beestonian’s with you to hand out, raise the profile of the magazine.
    See you there

  3. David Watts says:

    Sorry I can’t be there Matt. I hope it goes well.

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