Beestonia vs Mark Radcliffe

Those of you lucky enough to be able to spend afternoons listening to BBC Radio 6and the ever fantastic Radcliffe + Maconie show might have heard the following on Wednesday, after my girlfriend decided to tell the nation about our plans for Valentine’s Night: (you’ll need to turn your speakers up a bit for this clip, it’s a bit craply recorded)…

Oof. After being hissed at in the street by scores of indie-music/ romance fans about my lack of care for my partner, I wrote into Radcliffe myself:

(cheers for the more tech-savvy Tamar for sorting that audio file for me)

I hope that clears matters up. And in no way was this a cynical ploy to get my publication mentioned on national radio, oh no.

And just for the sake of it, here’s a free video from Radcliffe and his greatly underrated and now defunct band of genius, The ShireHorses:

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