Post on the Post, Post-Page 3 Post.

Top marks to The Nottingham Post, and in particular their excellent columnist Erik Peterson. After I laid into the publication last week for a rather jarring use of an image to illustrate the No More Page 3 campaign, Erik has kicked out an utterly fantastic piece in favour of the campaign, and if you haven’t read it yet, I will excuse you for a few minutes while you do so, here.

Good, innit? He even manages to get to talk about cricket and keep it entirely in context. First-rate journalism, even if he really needs a new byline picture to show off his beard, and has a strange idea on the couple of occasions we’ve met is that I look like Gary Oldman.

Lord Beestonia, earlier today.

Lord Beestonia, earlier today.


Keeping on the theme of quality journalism, Issue 16 of The Beestonian is now dotted round Beeston: you’ll find copies in Belle and Jerome, The Guitar Spot, The Crown, The Hop Pole, that taxi place that used to be The Barrel, Boba Tea, Metro, The Bean, The Flying Goose, Beeston Library, Pixels and Graphics, Beeston laundrette and a few other places I sweatily hefted the print run over to yesterday. Can’t get into Beeston? Then simply read it online, on our rather posh Issuu site. Our next issue will be a special on feminism….we’re taking in comments and pieces now, so if you’re interested in being part of it, get in contact via our Facebook page, or email at .




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