NOT the end of the road….a quick thank you.

Wow. What a day. I was terrified, walking up  to Chilwell Road in a blizzard, that Beeston might choose to stay indoors or go for a long souless circuit of Ikea.

But no. You came out to support Chilwell Road, and you came in droves. Despite the biting wind and frequent snow flurries, you packed out the road and made the event a thorough success. Thanks to all those who came over to our stall and said lovely things about the blog and The Beestonian, I’m always a bit awkward when being complimented so sorry if I came across a bit bizarre.

There are too many people to thank right now, but once I’ve recovered (I was awake a straight 26 hours prior to the mammoth sleep I’ve only recently emerged from), I will write a full report on the day, and the evening, where we took over the Hop Pole and put a bill of acts on that showed conclusively that Beeston has more talent on one stage in a local pub than the X Factor has thrown at as in a whole decade.

I will however give a quick mention to Karen Attwood, of Classy Cupcakes, who made a special commemerative cake for us:


and my favourite film director and unlikely Beestonian, Shane Meadows who came along and told me about his new film about the Stone Roses then gamely posed for a photo with myself and a coconut:shanemeadows

Cheers to Chris Frost from the ever excellent for this.
Once again, you made me proud yesterday, Beeston. Anyone who cynically assumes the concept of community is dead would have eaten their misery-hat yesterday.


Some sad news though, Beeston’s oldest restaurant and a favourite haunt of mine, Beeston Tandoori, has sadly served it’s last poppadom and closed it’s doors for good. Or as the text I recieved telling me put is ‘Beeston Tandoori is no moori’. Not sure why it’s gone, but will find out and let you know soon.




One thought on “NOT the end of the road….a quick thank you.

  1. Rick says:

    I’m so glad it went well. Gill and I were away and so sadly missed it but as a Park Road resident we feel for the businesses that we pass on our dog walks and use regularly and might well suffer from the tram works. And well done to those who organised it. Community spirit lives OK!!

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