Some Things For The Weekend.

A few things to tell you about before we slip into a fine spring weekend that could be the first since November without a bloody blizzard.

1) Bartons Big Weekend. Much respect to Bartons, for their response to the closing of Chilwell Road. Rather than retreat for a year while the work goes on, they’ve done the opposite and decided to have a full-on year of events and happenings. This weekend is a great example of that: comedy, a huge market AND  a literary festival. More info here:

2) New Blog! In exactly 4 weeks Notts County Council will be well on it’s way to knowing how it’s going to be structured. Presently ran by a Tory majority under the stewardship of Kay ‘great graffiti’ Cutts, it looks very likely to see a big shake up. I’m running it as a Broxtowe perspective of the election, and I’m looking for submissions from politicians and the public, rather than write it myself. I will however be having a crack at some amateur psephology, running an on-going poll and collating breaking news. Watch this space.

3) HELP! Fancy yourself as a bit of a writer? I’m looking for someone to help me on a couple of things. First, we’ve kicked off Oxjam and I’m reprising my role as Marketing Co-ordinator. I need to find someone who will take the role as online-media co-ordinator: keeping the website up to date, writing on-line copy, running the Twitter and Facebook pages and so on. Second, I am expanding both The Beestonian and Beestonia over the next few weeks and months, and as such am need on an assistant to help out a few hours a week. I’m afraid I can’t (yet) offer a wage, but it’s dead rewarding , looks good on your CV and you get to attend some of the most spurious excuses for pub-based meetings you’ll ever experience.  A penchant for Tweed is NOT compulsory. Fancy either, or both, roles? Email me at .

4) More Oxjam/ Oxfam stuff. My lovely fiancée is going to be living on £1 a day for a week in April. No, I’ve not squandered our finances in The Crown or bought a ton of corduroy. It’s for a very good cause, and all monies go to Oxfam. It makes the challenge put to Iain Duncan Smith to live on £53 a week seem opulent. I’m dead proud of her doing this, especially as she’s made it clear I can still continue my normal diet of oysters, venison steaks and fine wine throughout the week. Throw her a few quid, please. You can do so here:

5) Suits you, Sir Paul: I met Sir Paul Smith recently, and have been asked to write a piece about it for a rather well-known on-line magazine, so won’t bore you with the details. Needless to say, he’s a charming, fascinating man who still loves Beeston a lot. And he’s quite a fan of The Beestonian too:


6) Beeston High Road:Was sent this video recently from local singer-songwriter Jim Dunn. He’s got a whole load of stuff about local issues, which I’ll put links to once he sends them over:


7) We’re History: A fantastic article on the changing face of Beeston, some stupendously good research and loads of stuff I was unaware of. A corking read:


Have a great weekend: feel the joy of venturing out without skis and a Taun-Taun.