Some Things For The Weekend.

A few things to tell you about before we slip into a fine spring weekend that could be the first since November without a bloody blizzard.

1) Bartons Big Weekend. Much respect to Bartons, for their response to the closing of Chilwell Road. Rather than retreat for a year while the work goes on, they’ve done the opposite and decided to have a full-on year of events and happenings. This weekend is a great example of that: comedy, a huge market AND  a literary festival. More info here:

2) New Blog! In exactly 4 weeks Notts County Council will be well on it’s way to knowing how it’s going to be structured. Presently ran by a Tory majority under the stewardship of Kay ‘great graffiti’ Cutts, it looks very likely to see a big shake up. I’m running it as a Broxtowe perspective of the election, and I’m looking for submissions from politicians and the public, rather than write it myself. I will however be having a crack at some amateur psephology, running an on-going poll and collating breaking news. Watch this space.

3) HELP! Fancy yourself as a bit of a writer? I’m looking for someone to help me on a couple of things. First, we’ve kicked off Oxjam and I’m reprising my role as Marketing Co-ordinator. I need to find someone who will take the role as online-media co-ordinator: keeping the website up to date, writing on-line copy, running the Twitter and Facebook pages and so on. Second, I am expanding both The Beestonian and Beestonia over the next few weeks and months, and as such am need on an assistant to help out a few hours a week. I’m afraid I can’t (yet) offer a wage, but it’s dead rewarding , looks good on your CV and you get to attend some of the most spurious excuses for pub-based meetings you’ll ever experience.  A penchant for Tweed is NOT compulsory. Fancy either, or both, roles? Email me at .

4) More Oxjam/ Oxfam stuff. My lovely fiancée is going to be living on £1 a day for a week in April. No, I’ve not squandered our finances in The Crown or bought a ton of corduroy. It’s for a very good cause, and all monies go to Oxfam. It makes the challenge put to Iain Duncan Smith to live on £53 a week seem opulent. I’m dead proud of her doing this, especially as she’s made it clear I can still continue my normal diet of oysters, venison steaks and fine wine throughout the week. Throw her a few quid, please. You can do so here:

5) Suits you, Sir Paul: I met Sir Paul Smith recently, and have been asked to write a piece about it for a rather well-known on-line magazine, so won’t bore you with the details. Needless to say, he’s a charming, fascinating man who still loves Beeston a lot. And he’s quite a fan of The Beestonian too:


6) Beeston High Road:Was sent this video recently from local singer-songwriter Jim Dunn. He’s got a whole load of stuff about local issues, which I’ll put links to once he sends them over:


7) We’re History: A fantastic article on the changing face of Beeston, some stupendously good research and loads of stuff I was unaware of. A corking read:


Have a great weekend: feel the joy of venturing out without skis and a Taun-Taun.



3 thoughts on “Some Things For The Weekend.

  1. James Jacobs says:

    Hi Matt
    Please get in contact with me if you want a perspective from a Labour Candidate for the election blog – I’d be more than happy to assist 🙂 (I’m helping the candidate in Beeston South and Attenborough out).

    • beestonia says:

      Kate Foale? Yes, would be good to hear from her. She’s previously indicated she’d be keen.

  2. […] I also got the great honour of meeting that sartorial god, Sir Paul Smith, who revealed he read the Beestonian when he was visiting family in town. If he’s reading this right now, I NEED A NEW SUIT, SIRPAUL. JUST SAYIN’. […]

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