The Battle of Broxtowe Blog: Now Live!

As promised, I have set up a new temporary blog to cover the Beeston side of the 2013 County Elections. I’ll not just be covering Beeston, but the whole of ther Broxtowe area, and, in order to see how things work on a macro level, the whole of Nottinghamshire.

As always, my resources are pretty meagre and run to a broadband connection, lots of coffee and a local trained journo who’ll be helping me out for the next month.

If you know any good gossip, any interesting stories or fancy writing a piece for us, send it in to the usual place.

You’ll find it at


2 thoughts on “The Battle of Broxtowe Blog: Now Live!

  1. Nick Palmer says:

    Good idea, Matt! In view of the events following the General Election, I wonder if you’d think it worth asking LibDem candidates whether there are circumstances under which they might vote to keep the Conservatives leading the council, if they held the balance of power between Labour and Tories. I genuinely don’t know the answer, but people deciding how to vote might find this useful information.

    I think it’s going to be pretty crucial to get a change – with the national Government steadily building up its cuts agenda, it really needs a County Council that is prepared to stand up for vulnerable pople as far as possible

  2. Kate Foale, Labour prospective candidate for Beeston S and Attenboro says:

    It is a great idea to have a blog Matt and encourage people to get involved in political discussion and ideas. In fact that is the subject I want to explore here, it is one very close to my heart.

    I haven’t been a Councillor before so if I am elected on 2 May I will work hard, listen to peoples ideas and views and do my very best to make a real difference to Beeston and Attenborough residents and businesses. It makes me very sad when I hear people on the doorstep saying things like ‘I don’t vote, politicians are all the same’ and ‘it makes no difference who I vote for, you all make promises you don’t keep’. I may be naive but I really do believe that the decisions Councillors make and the priorities they identify as important can improve the quality of people’s lives.

    My experience of working with Nick Palmer and local Councillors is that they are not in it for themselves. They really care about helping people and have both integrity and the right values. So how can we encourage more people to vote positively and because they feel confident that their chosen candidate will do a good job on their behalf?

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