Politics Free Post*: Football Appeal / Eric Pickles is Dan Dare??? / Toy Tesco / Jim Dunn Gives His Opinion on The Coalition. *not entirely true

I’m taking a day off from politics today, after spending the best part of yesterday fact-checking the UKIP and BNP manifestos. Heavens. The far-right really are utter nut-nuts. I only hope nobody was scanning my broadband otherwise I’ll have Special Branch raiding me on suspicion of being a member of Combat 18.

So we kick off with an appeal. A local amateur football team, the fabulously named La Toque (nostalgic gastronomes will sigh happily at that one), who are based down on the Ryland’s Weirfield, are looking for a pub to sponsor them. This basically involves laying a few cobs on for them on a match day, and possibly slipping them a few quid towards a kit. In return they’ll stick an ad on their website, and buy a few pints in your pub/ bar. Win-win. If you’re interested, then send a message to James Hall, at jameshall@horlix.com  / phone 0791 274 8081

Ok, one little bit of politics. One of these is an evil overlord hell-bent on world domination, the other is DoomLord, comic book horror from my youth:


Right no more politics, let’s have some champion photography. Stapleford local activist (and County Council candidate, but I’m not doing politics today so I won’t mention that) Richard MacRae, sent me a selection of photos he took from the now demolished car park in Beeston of Tesco being built. Fantastic use of tilt-shift. Cheers, Richard:



tesco 2

Right, I’m still not talking about politics, but I’ll ask local singer/songwriter Jim Dunn what he thinks (I’m new to Soundcloud so apologies to Jim for making it seem like I wrote / sang the song. I didn’t. I’ve got a singing voice that sounds like a fire in a pet shop):