Politics Free Post*: Football Appeal / Eric Pickles is Dan Dare??? / Toy Tesco / Jim Dunn Gives His Opinion on The Coalition. *not entirely true

I’m taking a day off from politics today, after spending the best part of yesterday fact-checking the UKIP and BNP manifestos. Heavens. The far-right really are utter nut-nuts. I only hope nobody was scanning my broadband otherwise I’ll have Special Branch raiding me on suspicion of being a member of Combat 18.

So we kick off with an appeal. A local amateur football team, the fabulously named La Toque (nostalgic gastronomes will sigh happily at that one), who are based down on the Ryland’s Weirfield, are looking for a pub to sponsor them. This basically involves laying a few cobs on for them on a match day, and possibly slipping them a few quid towards a kit. In return they’ll stick an ad on their website, and buy a few pints in your pub/ bar. Win-win. If you’re interested, then send a message to James Hall, at jameshall@horlix.com  / phone 0791 274 8081

Ok, one little bit of politics. One of these is an evil overlord hell-bent on world domination, the other is DoomLord, comic book horror from my youth:


Right no more politics, let’s have some champion photography. Stapleford local activist (and County Council candidate, but I’m not doing politics today so I won’t mention that) Richard MacRae, sent me a selection of photos he took from the now demolished car park in Beeston of Tesco being built. Fantastic use of tilt-shift. Cheers, Richard:



tesco 2

Right, I’m still not talking about politics, but I’ll ask local singer/songwriter Jim Dunn what he thinks (I’m new to Soundcloud so apologies to Jim for making it seem like I wrote / sang the song. I didn’t. I’ve got a singing voice that sounds like a fire in a pet shop):

3 thoughts on “Politics Free Post*: Football Appeal / Eric Pickles is Dan Dare??? / Toy Tesco / Jim Dunn Gives His Opinion on The Coalition. *not entirely true

  1. I know Jon Collins runs Nottingham City Council like a puppet democracy, but I don’t think that he even has the power to try and take over the world. The tilt shift photos are great by the way

  2. So it’s DoomLord who’s standing in the Euro elections then?

  3. Carl Q. Lee says:

    UKIP were today forced to suspend Mr Scotton after his apparent links to the EDL were highlighted by MailOnline.

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