Two- Nation Soubz / In The Post / Girlfriend in a (Hunger-Induced) Coma.

Some interesting Soubz-nooz. Total Politics ran an interview with her this week where she shows off her candid side, perhaps too candidly. Theres a smattering of ‘fuckings’, a pair of ‘bollocks’ and a more moderate ‘bloody’. Best of all though, she refers to the backbench shenanigans that cause Cameron such a headache right now as an example of ‘twattery’. Soubz gets a rare salute for that.

She’s famously sweary, of course. Mad Mel Philips at The Daily Mail ran an attack piece on Soubz where that very trait was used as a stick to beat her. People who have chatted to her have also reported back at her Malcolm Tucker-tongue, on more than one occasion provoked by a mention of me. Charmingly, she described me as that sweary paradox, a ‘fucking wanker’. Well, as Wilde nearly said ‘There is one thing worse than being sworn about, and that is to be not sworn about’.

However, there’s a very telling snippet of the interview that perhaps illustrates Soubz modus operandi as our MP:

“I came into politics to fight lefties…”

This sets her stall out well. Not for her the concept of One-Nation Conservatism: if you are against her, you are not to be listened to and your views taken into account, you are the enemy. It’s a straight black and white thing. Which is quite an odd thing when you consider her tenuous majority means she should be trying to convert people to her cause: invite them into her tent and not build a fortress round it.

It does explain her attitude to those who try to debate a point with her; as mentioned on here approximately 17,425 times since May 2010. When I discuss politics with locals, one thing they always point out is that while Nick Palmer may have held views that they didn’t agree with, he would always thoroughly explain his position and be decent enough to listen to their arguments.

Soubz is, in this way, a real Thatcherite: brittle, peripherally visioned and someone who divides you, her constituents into either goodies or baddies. She really will enjoy Rushcliffe.


After my one-off guest column in The Nottingham Post recently, I’ve been asked back to do a monthly column. Which is nice. My first one will be in Saturday’s edition. Awful by-line picture included.


Lady Beestonia also appeared in The Post today, telling everyone about why she’ll be living on a quid a day next week. She’s still short of her target, so dig deep and click here .