Beestonia does a lot for charidee, and does want to talk about it.

After gorging on politics for the past few weeks, I’m taking a well-deserved break and instead throwing what small pools of energy have left into what looks like a corking summer of fun in Beestonia.

Last week was the real treat: a bank holiday of sun, barbecues and sangria courtesy of the fantastic White Lion. Sorry to bang on about it again, but it’s a huge relief to see a pub get rescued after years of neglect. It’s a proud addition to the pantheon of great Beeston pubs: The Crown, The Hop Pole, The Grey Hound and yes, I suppose the Vic. Now, if Blue Monkey Brewery wants to have another look at doing up The Star, we’ll be the best pubbed town in Britain.

Not tried the new White Lion yet? Well tonight might be the chance. An acquaintance of mine, Chris, is running a charity night there this evening. Chris has been instrumental in setting up a new mental health charity called The Next Step Network, which provides peer-led social, educational, vocational opportunities for people with mental health difficulties, to enable them to reach their highest potential in a society that is understanding and accepting of mental health.

All very worthy, and definitely worth the £3 minimum donation on the door. For that you’ll get some fab musicians, including Beestonian musical stalwart Rosh Rai;  and also featuring talents Ali Bonsai, , Des Youngs , Ryan Thomas , Anwyn Williams and Becky Syson.

They’ll be a raffle with free tickets to Alton Towers, The Theatre Royal and lots more as prizes, plus a, ahem, ‘three foot balloon model of Popeye’. Get down tonight. I’ll be there.


Issue 18 of The Beestonian is now out in our usual outlets. If you’d like a copy an d can’t make it into Beeston, then we’re offering a mail-order service: simple send an A4 SAE to pur postal address at The Beestonian, c/o 106 Chilwell Road, Beeston, Notts NG9 1ES. It’s free, but if you wish to show gratitude then feel free to make a donation which we will pass on to our Oxjam Beeston Takeover campaign.


Oxjam is coming along nicely, with some fantastic fundraisers being planned. I should have news of the first one soon: if you’re a canny baker, cake-maker, etc, then you’ll really like it. I’m presently working on my Paul Hollywood beard in preparation. Should be fab. We’ll also have a stall at Beeston Carnival in July….again, more later.


And a bit more charity to finish up on. My lovely partner, Ellie, aka Queen Weasel, completed her five day Below the Line challenge, only spending a pound a day on food  for the duration. She did admirably, putting up with my selfish eating of posh food in front of her. At one point, her envy got so heightened I had to eat a Toffee Crisp at the bottom of the garden. I later caught her sniffing the wrapper.

She smashed her £250 target by a clear £100, but fear not. I know many of you who read this donated, and that I commend, thank you. Yet if it slipped your mind, there’s still time to donate, click here to do so.


One thought on “Beestonia does a lot for charidee, and does want to talk about it.

  1. rutty says:

    I love the White Lion. Hope the new venture works out for Sergio & Natalie – it’s always been a bit too quiet when I’ve been there.

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