In Support of Soubry; No, really!

I’m often accused of barking on about Soubry too much. A fair point, perhaps, but she is our elected representative and there are few other places for your casual Soubry-watcher to get info from. Now she’s stropped off from The Beeston Express we’re denied a horse’s-mouth insight into her work, although I have been reinstated back onto her mailing list, as have a few others who reported they’d been kicked off.

Now, I’m not a total Soobzaphobe. I disagree with the way she is using Broxtowe as a career stepping-stone, rather than a chance to serve the public good; I disagree with a lot of the things her party stand for and the callous way they’re carrying out their plutocratic plans, but occasionally, just occasionally we find common ground and I am obliged to give her a cap-doff.

So it is with her views on gay-marriage. She is stridently for this policy, and I salute that. I’m not quite sure what the objection is to be honest. It also is odd that those who believe the state should get out of our personal lives – Tories in this country, Republicans (particularly tea-baggers) in the US – become particularly fascinated with the most intimate details of our personal lives when it involves sujects such as homosexuality and abortion.

This simple infographic has been doing the rounds on the internet for a few months, and handily dissects the argument:


Anna seems to have had some objection to her stance though, and as such is holding a meeting tonight at Clarkes Lane Methodist Church, Chilwell to discuss her stance. If you wish to attend, it kicks off at 7.30pm and should run for around an hour. I urge you to go, and – yes, that noise is Hell freezing over- support Anna and her stance on this bizarrely controversial subject. The bill is before the Commons on Monday.