Soubry vs. Palmer: Round Two?

I was going to post up a guest piece today regarding Labour’s selection for PPC, but news broke earlier that means it’ll have to wait. Soz, Simon.

Soubz has announced that she WILL stand in the 2015 election. This is a huge game changer, and will make the next few months hugely interesting, much more so than if they’d parachuted in some A-lister former wonk who’d never stepped outside Milbank, let alone London.

So will it be a straight rematch of 2010? Well, that’s a delicate question. Most people I’ve talked to about this seem to think Labour would be mad not to stand Palmer; he carries a great deal of votes that transcend tribalism. His one-nation inclusivity casework and ability to engage even when constituents diametrically opposed his various stances when in power pushes Soubry’s exclusivity (see Beestonia passim, I’ve not got space to list it all) into a harsh light, not to mention her priggish claim that she got into politics to ‘fight lefties’. Hardly a centralist, floating-voter wooing statement.

The most likely candidate to scupper Palmer is Nick McDonald. Supported by Broxtowe Council head-honcho Milan Radulovic, he’s a city councillor with a lot of clout in regional Labour. He’s secured UNISON’s backing despite regional branches seeming to prefer Palmer: Such an endorsement should not be taken with a pinch of salt.

Yet I feel he’s a non-runner with the electorate, too pro, too Jon Collins, too..well, careerist. I’ve not chatted to him yet, but from what (meagre) research I’ve done I can’t identify the charismatic spark with which he’ll hope to ignite the fire in every voters belly. I’m more than willing for McDonald or his supporters to prove me wrong; but if he gets elected by the local branches; or through an NEC over-rule, Labour could be taking a blunderbuss to their tootsies.

Atol Joshi and Greg Marshall could also cause some waves, more on both in future posts, as they need closer examination before I make sweeping predictions and assumptions. They’re both very keen to present their respective cases however, so I doubt I’ll need to apply tooth comb investigative journalism to get an idea of their positions.

On a more glib level, their is a starry attraction to the thought of a Soubz/ Palmer rematch. It lends a narrative to the campaign; in the same way rematches do in sport. For a blogger whose first campaign coverage was the 2010 GE, it’s manna from heaven.

I’m not a Labour member, I best stress that, so to endorse one candidate over another would be disingenuous. It would also be awkward, as in that over the years I’ve written on local politicians I’ve come to know, and on various levels, actually like, right across the political spectrum. (Well, not right across the spectrum: if a BNP idiot proffered his or her hand to shake I’d only respond if I said hand had spent some quality time between my buttocks beforehand).

Yet I will say that I expect; and will be mildly excited, to spend the next 22 months covering, the re-run of 2010. Palmer vs. Soubz, 2015? It’s the Big Daddy/ Giant Haystacks bout for us political nerds.

9 thoughts on “Soubry vs. Palmer: Round Two?

  1. Bill says:

    Do not underestimate labours ability to shoot themselves in the foot. Common sense says No Palmer and soubz will be back, especially if dave watts splits the vote pretending he can win like last time.

    • beestonia says:

      I agree to an extent, Bill. But I think Palmer’s personal popularity is something a Labour psephologist should see as key; and Soubz majority is tiny. As for the Lib Dems, Watts has gone on record to say that he won’t be standing this time. Any claim to being the ‘second party’ will also look bad this time.

  2. says:

    Can I just say that the penultimate paragraph of this article makes very little sense. However, if it is to be translated as “I have no political axe to grind and nothing against Anna Soubry” then let me be the first to call bullshit on that. Regular readers of your nonsense are starting to grow wise to your vendetta against Anna. If you want to remain impartial, why not start by using her correct surname as you do that of Nick Palmer? How would you like it if somebody were to think up an “amusing” nickname for yourself and trot it out every other week?

    • beestonia says:

      Not sure how you read the penultimate paragraph as that, so put your bullshit-calling away one moment. I state I’m not a Labour card-carrier, not that I’m the BBC, AP or Reuters. This is a blog. It is opinionated. Not in a tribal fashion, but to my opinions. I put them up, if you like them, read on, if not, there are a few other blogs out there you might like. May I recommend Google?
      ‘Regular readers are growing wise to my vendetta against Anna’? Have you asked them? I get a few thousand hits a week, fairly modest, but please, if you’d like to ask them all I do try and run this as a forum so I’d be delighted to run a piece by you? Up for it?
      If Palmer does come into power, then of course I’ll bestow a nickname. It’s called satirical shorthand. Y’know, the same reason your email name is withchestit. Possibly not your real name.
      I’ll tell you mine though. It’s Matt Goold. I make no secret of that. Feel free to set up a blog and ‘think up an amusing nickname…and trot it out every other week’. I reckon I’d be mildly flattered. My nickname at school, rather dully, was ‘ Gooldy’, but I’m sure you’ll come up with better. I’ve a rather bulbous nose, and the tiniest eyebrows ever, so work with that, maybe? My middle name is Kenneth; there, more material! Go to town.
      Thing is, I’m a Broxtowe resident who tries to create a feel of democracy in Beeston. If it be The Beestonian, The Film Club, Chilwell Rd Street Party, Oxjam or merely this blog. Anna exists here, and I welcome your counterblast if you disagree, to further her career while ignoring / attacking those who dare oppose her.
      She gets paid an MPs salary, plus ministerial bonuses, plus expenses, to represent us. The voters gave her a mandate, yes. Yet she has not fulfilled her side of the deal, on many levels.
      I get paid nowt. I run this cos people seem to like it. That’s all. Should I stop? Write me that article that says I should, and if you have a point, I shall find another subject. I’m developing a rather keen interest in the changing design of vacuum cleaners – have you seen the new Henry?? Blew my mind- so it may be a blessed release. I look forward to reading it.
      And just one piece of advice to you, I’m hoping you don’t find it condescending, but please try and cover up where you comment from when posting here.
      Have a good day,

      Gooldicus Twatticus (getting the ball rolling). X

      • Chris says:

        Gooldilocks, Gooldfinger or Cash for Goold. You might need to be caught taking bribes for the last one.

  3. Pogue Mahone says:

    I’ll have the car at your disposal for the hustings.

  4. […] Labour Party candidate but also says that David Watts won’t be standing again. Click on this link to read […]

  5. Emma says:

    Do be honest, I never really understood where this ‘she will be standing in Rushcliffe’ stuff came from. There was never anything to back such a claim up and I believe the rumour was based on a malicious lie.

  6. This has probably been the most difficult political decision I’ve made yet. Being an independent lefty was a badge I wore with pride; it gave me the license to criticise and praise any political party without the baggage that comes with affiliation.

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