Parachutin’ Soubz / Level Playing Field / Soubz and the Masters of the Dark Arts.

The hypocrisy, the sheer hypocrisy. Soubz 2015  party machine is in full flow now, and she’s decided to go on the offensive.

Her last newsletter – y’know, that newsletter that she kicked my name (and other dissenters) off the distribution list before it started to become a story and she swiftly reinstated us – claims the following:

My party doesn’t engage in parachuting in candidates

Strange that, as the official OED definition of this context of ‘parachute’ is

2.appoint or be appointed in an emergency or from outside the existing hierarchy: [with object]:the former Conservative minister was controversially parachuted into the safe seat

But y’know, that’s because the OED is ran by a secret leftist cabal comprising Dr Johnson, Susie Dent and Gyles Brandreth*, if one applies Soubzlogic.

So Soubz was not parachuted? Erm, yes she was. She initially, in 2005, contested Gedling. Beaten by Vernon Coker, she appealed to Conservative HQ for another crack as an a-listed candidate. They decided to give her another chance: and in she drifted. She will point out she is ‘a Nottinghamshire lass’; growing up in the more rural parts of the county. Yet Broxtowe was never her first choice, and her laughable assurance that ‘she is committed to the people of Broxtowe’ rings very hollow when she still lives outside the Borough, three and a half years after promising to move here.

Quite coincidentally, for the first time in her tenure as MP, she is now claiming she has found a place in Giltbrook she might move to. This announcement comes at the same time as her announcement shes staying to fight 2015. Strange that. Watch her move there in the next few months and then stand on a ‘I live in the Borough, me’ ticket. Shameless, cynical.

Anna. You WERE parachuted. There were candidates in Broxtowe who live here, have served as councillors and would have quite like to have done so as an MP. Sadly, you stopped that happening by standing after your Gedling upset. You were not, are not, and never will be a Broxtownian. You are a Westminsterite. A careerist, nothing more, nothing less. May I also suggest that you just rent that Giltbrook place? Keep your options open….


I have a copy of an email sent to Anna below from Simon Cross, challenging Anna to fight the 2015 on a level playing field, and not accept funding from tax-avoiders such as Lord Ashcroft. The Tories are attacking Labour’s links to the unions: y’know, the people who set up the Labour Party, while accepting money from corporate interests, tax-dodgers and a whole wealth of scummy types. I’d prefer to see a party funded by millions of nurses, firefighters and cleaners than one funded by CEOs of companies with vested corporate interests. Over to Simon:

Dear Anna,

it’s a bit rich to complain about the Labour Party ‘stuffing selection meetings with union paymasters’, which is patently incorrect. Perhaps you might like to inform your email list about where your Broxtowe 2015 election campaign money is coming from?

Prior to the last General Election a report in the Independent newspaper (27 February 2010) identifies the notorious Lord Ashcroft as the bankroll for Conservative candidates especially in marginal seats. The report also notes the following:

“Labour and Liberal Democrat MPs in marginal constituencies have been increasingly alarmed by the amount of money the Conservatives are lavishing on winning these crucial contests that could decide who governs Britain for the next five years. That money is being directed into local Tory associations by a small unit based in Conservative Central Office, headed by a billionaire Tory peer who is notoriously shy about declaring whether or not he pay taxes in the UK.”

Can you confirm that your Broxtowe campaign money is being bankrolled by a fat-cat financier who on his web site says “His heart is in Belize” since this is where he resides for tax avoidance purposes. Your (purported) complaints about trade union paymasters are disingenuous to say the least.

Can you confirm if Lord Ashcroft or some other fat-cat tax avoider will be funding your election campaign in Broxtowe? There is a public interest in knowing this information. How much money will you be spending on your campaign and from when will your spending begin?

Why not declare that you will fight the next election on an agreed amount of money with your Labour challenger. We Brits pride ourselves on the notion of a fair fight and I’m sure all your constituents will rally to the idea that you will guarantee to spend no more than any other sensible candidate.

I shall try to place a version of this email on the Beestonia blog and I look forward to a reply.

Simon Cross, Beeston.


Who does fund Soubry, then? Who else slips her cash?


People such as the chap above. His name is David Wilson.


She is estimated to have received just shy of £100,000 in private donations since 2007. One of these, gifting Anna £2,000 in the run-up to the 2010 election is a chap called David Wilson. Not the housebuilder, but the Joint Managing Director of nasty PR company Bell Pottinger. This is a firm that were secretly filmed boasting that they could boost the reputation of oppressive regimes such as Uzbekistan (a brutal dictatorship responsible for killings, human rights violations and child labour) and Sri Lanka (whose massacre of the Tamils has caused widespread alarm and described as a ‘hidden genocide’), as well as boasting of getting direct access to (Former Number 10 spinner) Steve Hilton, Cameron, Osborne and many others.

David Wilson also claimed he could set up ‘third party blogs that appeared independent, seeded with keywords that would push them up Google rankings, as well as many other ‘dark arts’.

Have a peek here:

Of course, I’m sure the donation (and similar ones to other East Midlands MPs) is entirely above board and merely a philanthropic gesture with no strings attached and no expectations behind it. Yet I’d rather know a politician was funded by a roadsweeper, a teacher, a police constable than odious pricks like Mr Wilson.







*oddly, Gyles claims he  is a direct descendant of Jeremiah Brandreth, aka ‘The Nottingham Captain’ and one of the instigators of The Pentrach Rising of 1817. The rebellious gene has not made it down to Gyles though, who is a persistant yet not deadly annoyance: the human embodiment of gout.