Carnival: Schorchio! / The Most Fashionable Thing To Come Out Of Beeston Since Sir Paul Smith / Soubs Can Seriously Damage Your Health Service / BeeFree Beeston.

Beeston carnival has come and gone, and what a day. The evening before, I helped set up a large tent  in Broadgate Park (which was made unbearable to my fellow tent-builders as I made relentless ‘Marquee Smith’ jokes. But that’s British People in Hot Weather for you).

The morning itself , we squelched across the tacky melting tarmac that pools like uncooked black treacle flapjacks along Chilwell High Road, the temperature already in the high thirties. I remember walking this way en route to March’s Street Party. It snowed then. I pop into the printers to pick up some mags and t-shirts (more of which later) and finally collapsed into the relative cool of our shady Oxjam /The Beestonian gazebo. Broadgate Park was packed already, and in the best mood I’ve ever seen the carnival. Hottest day of year (so far) and the carnival is on. Too fantastic.

We had a great day meeting people, signing up people for Oxjam, chatting about the mag (and being presented with a couple of excellent submissions: thanks so much!), drinking loads of Capri Sun and even a bout of ad-hoc stewarding. The day passed in a drowsy heat shimmer, excellent music by the ever excellent Emma Bladon Jones and others; loads of kids in  our Oxjam marquee joining in the music workshop: huge thanks to all who helped with that, particularly local music heroes Steve Benford and Ian Beestin.

Pack down at five pm, slow walk to The Crown and then lashings of ale – nowt like a diuretic after a day dehydrated – and some utterly gorgeous Malaysian food. A fine day, Beeston shone. Nice one, Beeston.


As I mentioned before, we now have an official The Beestonian t-shirt: and it’s great. Available in any colour as long as it’s white, it has front and back prints designed by our top-notch illustrator and general feline fan, Lottie. Here’s a gimpy looking guy modelling one:

the beestonian t-shirt

They are available now for just £7.50 a pop, or £10 if you want it posting to you. All profits are plowed back into the magazine, which needs as much money as possible since we’re expanding rapidly right now (12 pages!). Drop an email to me at for one. Or two. Or 20. 20 would be good. Available in medium and large, though we’re planning other sizes soon.


Soubz on the front bench today, in full of snarly mood as Jeremy ‘Cough’ Hunt tried to – brace your sides, clear the aisles – tried to show the Tories as the true defenders of the NHS. A nasty sight, and as it looks like Hunt lied in the run up to the recent hospital trust report, and has infuriated the report’s author, Keogh, with leaking and scaremongering, he could soon be in a very tricky position.

If he goes, could Soubz step in? It’s not a mad thought. It is, however, a scary one.

Much has been made recently about Soubz and her cronies u-turn on cigarette packaging, and the Lynton Crosby conflict of interest. What hasn’t been discussed so much is Anna’s own conflict of interest. Her political mentor/ hero Ken Clarke who plays on the whole cuddly, jazz-loving, Hush Puppy-sporting image to deflect from what he really is: a mouthpiece and spinner for Big Tobacco; a flogger of fags to kids in third-world country. He formally left British American Tobacco in 2008, yet is it likely he applied his considerable political bulk upon Soubz to kick the idea away? Back it goes on the Soubz back-burner, along with the Eric Pickles decision on Field Farm, which is still stuck in Limbo three months on.


We recently reported on Soubz and badgers: she is pro-cull so we amended the Broxtowe coat of arms as such:

badger3We apologise for the lack of thoroughness in the image, however. As the Tories refuse to listen to reason, and 30+ peer-reviewed intensive studies implicating the use of neonicotinoids in the rapid decline in bee populations, DEFRA under the stewardship of MP Owen Paterson is doing everything it can to ignore an EU wide ban and keep using them. Then, as with so many things, pretending it isn’t anything to do with protecting the  profits of big business.

As such, the new crest:

badger4Expect new legislation banning bears to be announced soon.