Guaranteed 100% Royal-Baby Free.

After all the excitement of last week – not only did Hollywood descend on Chilwell but my partner got her PhD so now refuses to be called ‘Lady Beestonia; ‘I have a REAL title now’ she explained –  it’s back to routine Beestonia.

I’m joking of course; there is no such thing as routine Beestonia. Living in the hub of the universe, as we do, life is never quiet. Thus, a few things to get through rather than a rambling single piece. Where to start? I’m still star struck, so let’s talk film.

Beeston Film Club 4: I return to running the Beestonian Film Club @ Cafe Roya tonight, and we have a corker of a show. We have a horror theme, and as such will be serving up the bloodiest bloody marys known to man. We also have some great shorts to play beforehand, and they’ll be popcorn, lollies and veggie hotdogs to buy. We’ve also done some experimenting with the air con and should avoid the heat of previous nights. If you’d like to come along, drop me a message at to prebook, or turn up after 7pm at Cafe Roya to be admitted on a first come, first served basis. See you there!

Don’t Push Me, Cos I’m Close To The Hedge: My latest article for The Nottingham Post was published on Friday, and could be read here. And before you write in, I do know it’s Full Metal Jacket.

Oxjam Line-up: Along with the other Oxjam coordinators, I spent  yesterday listening to the 50+ acts who have volunteered for this October’s Oxjam: and was mightily impressed with the high quality of volunteers. After a huge amount of debate, barbecued food and post-it notes we’ve finally got a programme sorted. Keep your eyes peeled in Mid -August for when we officially announce it.

Soubz vs Bone: It’s another of those rare times I feel a shred of sympathy for our Right Honourable Member. The Government’s u-turn on cigarette plain-packaging is painful to Anna: she was very keen to see the necessary legislation to pass, but alas. This has led the right-wing, led by noxious homophobe Peter Bone MP bleating ‘if she thought this (the u-turn) was wrong, she would resign.

It reminds me of when Batshit Mad Mel Philips wrote one of her utterly crazy-in-the-coconut pieces laying into Soubz . It brings into focus that although Soubz is a nightmare at best -watching her backing up Jeremy ‘Cough’ Hunt at the Keogh inquiry statement was cringeworthy and hatefully cynical – but every now and then one is forced to realise that there is a lot worse out there. The far-right in this country, be it on the westminster benches or the columns of the shittier newspapers, hate Soubz and her perceived moderation. Perhaps if the party drifts further towards swivel-eyed loon territory, Soubz could do the noble thing and cross the floor (well, shuffle up the benches a bit) to the Lib Dems. I’m sure our local Lib Dems would be willing to accommodate her.

Labour PPC News: It seems that the local Labour party have shortlisted their candidates for PPC, and after a series of hustings and votes, we’ll know who will be standing . I’ve been posting articles in support of various candidates, and recently received one from Atul Joshi, but haven’t had a chance to put it up, apologies for that. Usual rules: opinions of the guest writer may not necessarily mine; I don’t endorse a candidate as I’m not a member of the Labour Party; etc. over to Atul:


At a time when voters accuse career politicians of self-interest and lacking in real world experience, I will deliver credibility in straight talking language that Broxtowe voters understand. Given Broxtowe’s marginal voting history, we need to ensure that we regain the seat, not just for the next election term, but for the long-term with an MP that will be seen on the local streets for years to come. Broxtowe needs a straightforward, reliable and sincere MP at Westminster who will represent the views of their constituents instead of just toeing the Party line. Broxtowe needs an MP who is dynamic and can fundraise for the Party – we cannot forget that Anna Soubry received Lord Ashcroft’s funding last time and there is a strong possibility of more funding. My commercial experience will help to promote economic regeneration in Broxtowe. We need more investment; more businesses need to move their operations into Broxtowe and more small businesses are needed to enhance our high streets.


Coming from a family which has left-wing beliefs, socialism has been instilled in me from an early age. My mother and father have both worked in the public sector most of their lives. My father has been the Inland Revenue Staff Federation Chairman. In 2001 I moved my business to Beeston, investing and creating many jobs. As a local employer, I understand the wants, needs and daily sacrifices of Broxtowe families. Having stood for council twice in Broxtowe, I have devoted years to campaigning in each and every area of the constituency. Being a local resident, born and brought up in Nottingham, I will be spending every week campaigning on the streets of Broxtowe – it will be a tough campaign but I am ready for the challenge. Atul Joshi.