Pre Oxjam Stuff / Fiver Film Club.

Just a couple of quick things. First, I filed a complaint to the PCC on behalf of the White Lion. I also emailed and tweeted the journalist in question, though she as yet to respond. I’ll let you know the PCC response. We’re pushing for a retraction of the on-line article and an printed/personal apology.

We have a very special film club at Cafe Roya tomorrow evening, with a local filmmaker responsible for some critically acclaimed documentary work dropping into show some of his work. Entrance is £5, and that includes, amazingly, a meal cooked up by Roya. If you’d like to join us, drop me an email at . It should be a fascinating (and belly-filling evening).

It’s also the most busy and terrifying week of the year for me as we enter the last few days before Oxjam. It’s been a long process, but hugely enjoyable. This is my third year I’e been involved and we’ve now become a bit of institution round town, with our distinctive pink tin badges worn en masse. There is so much going on we decided to put out a special Oxjam issue of The Beestonian, which we’ll have out in Beeston soon. If you can’t wait that long, we’ve got the online version up right now, have a gander here. I might also be popping up on radio here and there, keep an eye on The Beestonian Facebook page for info on where and when to hear my non-sonorous nasalings.

This might be the last blog post for a few days: Oxjam will be swallowing me up for a bit, and then I have just a day off before kicking off with another massive project: more on that later. If you have a burning issue you fancy getting out, send me an email with an your idea on it and I’ll host it up.

Meanwhile, get your Oxjam tickets here: See you on Saturday!    .

One thought on “Pre Oxjam Stuff / Fiver Film Club.

  1. Chris says:

    Good luck with the PCC complaint. I hope that it is clear that you are doing it on he behalf of Natalie and Sergio. The PCC won’t take up any complaint from third parties so they would likely dismiss the complaint in this event. I am confident that they will rule in your favour.

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