Jamtastic! / Halloween Party!/ Another Halloween Party? Stella going-ons in Inham Nook..

Wow. That was fun. Oxjam came, saw and conquered. We sold out, raised over double our intended target of £5,000 to give Oxfam £11,000, and hopefully gave Beeston a party to remember. You certainly seemed to enjoy it. I spent the day running/cycling between venues, shouting into microphones demands of applause for the bands, selling raffle tickets, checking wristbands and, finally, watching some music.

We have some great pictures and videos from the day, so keep an eye on then Oxjam website where we’ll be putting them up. If you have some you’d like to give to us, drop us the file at thebeestonian@gmail.com and we’ll host them up.


Cheers for all those who picked up copies of our special edition of The Beestonian, and then were so lovely in telling me they actually read the rag, and even gave this site the occasional glance. It’s lovely to know people read what I seemingly throw out into the void every now and then, so cheers, my ego was thoroughly nourished.

There are far too many people to thank individually, or magic moments to mention, but if it wasn’t for the excellent volunteers, the venues that let us take them over, the artists who blew many a pair of socks off, as well as every person who donned a wristband, bought a raffle ticket, supped a pint of our specially made Oxjam Festivale, or just joined in what was the most fantastic shindig I’ve seen for years….I cannot salute you enough.

We want to thank you all for making it such a rampant success, so find a hole in your diaries for THURSDAY OCTOBER 31st, and gt down to The White Lion where we’ll be throwing a Hallowe’en themed thank you party. We’re inviting down all who helped on the day -our volunteers ranged from undergrads from the Uni to our top-raffle ticket flogger, ex (future) MP Nick Palmer.  Please make it down if possible, and DRESS UP! Best outfit wins a top notch prize. We’ll have music from artists from the festival, and a few other surprises, entry is, amazingly, free, and we’ll be drawing the raffle, which has a list of prizes so long and fine it looks like Mariah Carey’s rider. Minus a dozen white kittens.


One prize is tickets to the Beestonian Film Club at Cafe Roya, for an event we’re holding in November which I think might be a bit of a draw. If you fancy coming down to our next event, we’re having a Hallowee’n themed horror night on Monday, with some cracking shorts, a spooktastic classic selected by our horror boffin Tim Pollard, a free ghostly cocktail, a vegetarian meal cooked by Roya, and possibly a few surprises/shocks. Tickets are a mere £10 / £7 concessions, so drop an email to thebeestonian@gmail.com to book a seat. The faint-hearted need not apply…


Walthamstow MP and Labour rising star Stella Creasey is in Beeston tomorrow, speaking about, amongst other things, the scourge of Payday loans. This is a subject I’m personally interested in: watch how many scummy money-lenders have moved onto the High Street to squeeze the poor bone dry. I don’t need to explain why Wonga et al are such  a blight, but they do exist legally, if not morally. Creasey has been particularly vocal on why the industry needs regulating, and encouraging micro-financing / credit agencies. This led to personal attacks on Twitter from Wonga staff . Nice.


It should make for an interesting event, and a chance to chat directly to the MP, who is definitely one of the more interesting figures on the opposition benches. This is a Labour Party ran event, but you don’t have to be a member -or,indeed, a supporter – of the party to attend. There is a suggested entry donation of £5 (£2 unwaged), but again, this is at your discretion. If you fancy going down, find your way to Inham Nook Methodist Church (opposite the Inham pub) at 4pm tomorrow.


And no, Ms Creasey was not named after the White Lion’s, ahem, ‘Best Selling Lager’. More on THAT story later…