Sir Paul Smith Film-Fun / Aisle Rolling (and Raving) at Bartons / Dunn Line-up / Judge Beestonia.

Some excellent news to start with. Local film-maker Ben Wigley, who recently hosted a selection of his films at The Beestonian Film Club at Cafe Roya, has finally released to the public this fantastic film about Beestonian and king of stripes Sir Paul Smith, which is a fascinating bit of film. Theres an introduction that explains his Kickstarter to fund his latest project, Paa Joe and the Lion which I reckon you should take a look at and make a pledge. There are some excellent incentives to grab, so slip a few quid over and together we’ll get this project completed. Enjoy!


It’s all very exciting running the film club, we’re putting together several special events over the next few weeks which you can find out about by finding as on Facebook, liking our page and reading the updates.



Spiky Mike….some pun about fruit/ apples / core etc.

There is a HUGE amount of stuff cracking off in Beeston this weekend. Tomorrow sees Barton’s host TWO events, the first the Funhouse Comedy night, hosted by Spiky Mike. Mike gave up his Saturday recently for Oxjam, compering Bartons and making a great job of it. The comedy nights he’s been running at The Gallery at Bartons are exceptionally good: usually four acts, a great venue and a bar ran by Magpie Ales. I’ve had some top nights there in the past (yes, it is possible to enjoy stand-up comedy sober) and thoroughly recommend it. Tickets are here, or on the door.

There’s also a massive rave in the depot buildings there, but it looks like it’s sold out so bad luck if you fancied necking Redbull to repetitive beats in front of some antique buses. Interesting stuff though, if it goes well Bartons could be further proving to be fulfilling its huge potential as a venue….


More comic hi-jinks can be found tomorrow at Mason and Mason, near Broadgate Park, between 1pm and 3pm. Anna Soubry will be trying out new material for her upcoming stand up routine she’ll be touring in place of Jo Brand. Tickets are free but heckling is strictly forbidden, particularly it’s about the NHS, Royal Mail, bedroom tax, Syrian Intervention, fat/poor people, or her present living arrangements.


Which reminds me to give huge thanks to all the acts who came to The White Lion last night to play our Oxjam thank-you party. I finally got to see the heroic Jim Dunn play live, after being tickled by his work for some time. This corker in particular got a great response:


And finally, there is a great night in store at The Hop Pole, as the annual songwriting competition reaches it’s climax with a final featuring four staggeringly talented artists. I’ve been judging the heats for the last few weeks, and it’s been top fun. The quality has been beyond my expectations, and there have been many tense arguments with my fellow judges, Karen (HopPole landlady) and Jimmy (Wiggins, Guitar Spot supremo) about who gets through. I will be hosting as well as judging, and they’ll be CDs of all the entrants -plus a track from the late and greatly missed Mad Mick. Get down, it will be a tune-tastic night and the closest you’ll get to see me as Simon Cowell.


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